Thursday, December 3, 2009


Arancia Project
To draw a version of Arancia of your own. Based off the original character at Arancia's homepage.
Update 1: Intro
Update 2: Hair, Eyes and a little face
Update 3: Everything else... Lol!
Update 4: It's Up! Look for the one by "Blur" (duh!)

Interview with Jiayi a.k.a. Hiroko, Winner of Daicon 2009's Karaoke Competition
My first attempt at an interview.

Magister Negi Magi! full 2-A character study
- A little article on Class 2-A characters.
Current Progress - Complete
Day 1: Episode 1 to 3
Day 2: Episode 4 to 6
Day 3: Episode 7 to 10
Day 4: Episode 11 to 26 (Crash Course! Lol!)
Day 5: Compiling and Editing
Day 6: Coding
Day 7: More Coding and Completion!

Moe and all it's goodness
- a little freestyling commentary and thoughts on Moe and my personal exposure to it. Contains reference to other studies by other fellow bloggers.

blur's Spam Insights

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