Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spam past off as Rants

Had this drafted a few days back. Possibly Saturday... Duh!?
And decided to left it as is and not edit it to reflect the time of posting cause I got some ideas from commenting on other blogs which kind of puts certain things into perspective.


Ok, it’s Saturday night and I’m stuck at home… Time to Rant!

Recently, I have come to conclude and accept the fact that Anime3r will never be a high traffic blog.
Why so? Easy…
First off is the way I watch and blog about animes. I always watch animes only after I have gotten hold of the entire series. Maybe I’ll start one if they have more than 30 episodes or so. But before a series ends or if it is less than 30 eps, the most I would do is browse through an episode, make sure the quality is good before chucking it back into my On-going folder. So you can already count the ep-to-ep crowd of the blogosphere out of my traffic count. However, I still do check out episodic reviews around other blogs every now and then to see how a series is going, and also to pick up some good grammar and another point appears.

Having not watched new releases, I have no comments and won’t be able to contribute constructively. I sure as hell won’t post a comment not knowing what I’m talking about. And thus out the window goes the crowd who click on comment links.

And of course, by the time I do indeed post up a review about an anime. It would be so late that all the hype or potential for interest had been lost. Imagine me doing a review of K-On a month from now. Wouldn’t exactly stir your interest now would it.

Next on the list are my blogging skills. I have absolutely no talent when it comes to writing intellectual posts or thought provoking articles. I could try… but I’d probably suck. The skill I do have, but still suck at, is whine. In fact, this post has been about me whining… all the way.

I also have this shitty habit of looking through older posts instead of the new ones. So even if I do comment, it is in a secluded spot where nobody sees except for the author. I just have a fondness for the slightly antique feel an old post brings about. If there were any irritating forum member who always revives old threads with the nickname “blur” or anything similar, that would be me. :p

Combine all the previous points and there isn’t much to debate about whether how Anime3r will fare further down the blogging route. Traffic will never hit top stats. Instead, I’m more than happy with readers who found something interesting at Anime3r and post comments whether it be constructive insults or appreciation or anything. Cause that lets me know you bothered enough to spend some bandwidth and time on Anime3r.

And In case you didn’t notice, Yeah… I’m whining about the low traffic.


Random Photo Time!

A little action to cancel out some moe in me.. :p

A little premonition on the blog. Recently got an idea for a logo, which I think will turn out great and so will be sticking to it for a while. Will change top banner as soon as it’s out!

Thanks for listening to my rant of the week...


  1. That's what I thought too. Until you post controversial stuff/try Wordpress.

  2. Was in a similar situation while I was running an anime blog. The platform doesn't really matter. Wordpress you can just buff up with different plugins to make it look more professional or 2.0 or something, do SEO, but content is still winner. Personally, if I were to write controversial stuff or begin doing what every other anime blogger is doing, I'd just feel like a sellout.

    What I'm doing right now is writing for a very exclusive community of people, so I know how far I can expand, but the feedback feels much more rewarding. Sure, it's cool being a big internet celebrity, but you have to post content of broad appeal. That's just not in my book. If blogging was my day job though...

  3. haha nice rant their^^But it takes time and effort to really bring out a blog. Not only that but spreading the word on other sites can be helpful. Try signing up with Anime@Blips or Tsuki board. Also posting more at Figure.FM will also boost your stats significantly. Helped me get at least a 100 more views a day apart from my regular dose. If you have Nendoroids than I suggest use them since their pretty hit right now^^

    Also try making your own domain or get a wordpress since their a lot more user friendly. A custom header and bright layout also attract more people. Apart from those just keep commenting and meeting new Otaku^^ I'm not an expert or popular ether but it's worth a shot ;D

  4. I like your blog and I like this post! LOL For someone like me who's never on time for the ep-to-ep crowds, I blog about an episode when I get the chance to get around to watching it.

    Took some time to build up traffic to my site. But one of the things I suggest like the previous commenter, is to sign up with sites like blogged.com, blogarama.com, etc. That helps draw traffic as well.

    P.S... that picture, what series is that from?

  5. Thanks all for the great comments. Reading all your comments made me feel like Anime3r has evolved to a smarter blog already! Lol!

    Well.. funny thing is, few days after I wrote this article (but haven't posted it up) I came to realize that I was actually rather happy with Anime3r's growth. Slow, steady but surely.

    blogged.com, blogarama.com, bloggersbase.com, animeblips, tsukiboard, figure.fm.
    All noted! Lol! Time to work my BFF (Big-Fat-Fingers!)

    And yeah.. I actually do prefer a smaller but concentrated group of visitors instead of, what I believe, "trolls" are a good word? But then again, I'm a troll too. Lol! Just to make sure I don't confuse the wrong term used, "troll" would be similar to "lurkers" right? -.-"

    The screenshot is from Viper's Creed. Recommended for it's good OP and END music. Above average animation especially during mech battles. Everything else is rather average. Kind of like Rideback but with a little more GAR. Lol!

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  6. Heyas! ^_^

    Keep up the good work! I considered myself to be part of the small concentrated group of visitors! X-D

  7. nice blog ya have here. keep ranting. It is one way to popularize your blog. LOL

    I heard you brother but that's the nature of things. My blogs are mostly dead anyway, hardly any visitor but I do it for self fulfillment and because it's the only way I know how to rant.

  8. lolz.. no need to worry bout trafic just blog as u like ^__^*. aslong as u like it then just do it ^^,

    i think i'm one of the usual visitor for this blog ^^.. like the figure shot but.. ur review are damn lol lulz ^^ but that how u do it ^^ it's quite cool huhu

    gambatane ^^

  9. Another good way to increase blog traffic is to be an asshole; that's what I do.

  10. Lol..
    Thanks for the kind words, visits and comments guys! Yeah.. I guess it all boils down to doing what I enjoy. Just blogging for myself with the way I like it.

    You were never an asshole in my books. If anyone, I could say you are a Kamina, but that would be blasphemy now would it? Lol!