Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tayutama - Kiss on my Deity

At Yachimata, there is a legend of a deity named Tayutayu-sama who protected the area, but this deity and other so-called "Tayutai" have been lost in time. Mito and his friends discover a relic on the school grounds with mysterious patterns on them. Then, at the opening ceremony of the new school year, an equally mysterious girl named Mashiro appears before Mito. Mashiro is somehow tied to the relic and the legend of Tayutayu-sama.

Talk about perfect timing.

In episode 1, everything was well. There were comedy, spirits /deities/Tayutai/whatever you want to call em, your usual moe goddess, a typical tsundere, the blur looking best friend who always manage to seem more interesting than the lead male. Nothing worth mentioning, but rule of thumb, always watch more than the first episode before dismissing an anime. And since I enjoyed the comedy in the first ep, as predictable as it was*, I decided to continue with the following episode.

Then episode 2 came, it took a deeeeeeeeep dive as I tried to keep myself interested. That episode was about Mashiro wanted to attend school.

“Oh man! Please don’t do another school “life” story!”

I needed something refreshing and moe + school just wasn’t it. Few minutes later Mashiro was accepted to school, attends the first class and was chatting with other classmates feeling welcomed.

Admire the Pancaked face which some call animation. And the cockroach head too.

Next, Mashiro’s hairy ears caught the attention of her classmates and she accidentally reveals her tail too (she’s a fox-like spirit by the way). Seeing this, the classmates got scared and backed away as Mashiro is again reminded by the difference between a Tayutai and humans. Mashiro starts feeling lonely as she faces isolation. Perfect timing indeed as I was just reaching for the fast forward button on my player.

This short minute was what made me NOT skip and continue on with the rest of the series. It gave me hope that this anime was not completely mindless moe and could possibly pull something off emotionally.

How long has it been since a male lead drives a “cool” bike? GTO? Ah My Goddess? Possibly the only "cool" scene the lead has for the entire series.

Then the “Kirukami (a.k.a. Mashiro) Vs other 3 strongest Tayutais” plot came to light by episode 3 and it became horrendous. Paving the way for utter Crap-dom. Needed to pop an aspirin before I could continue on with episode 7. The expired sushi I had didn’t help with the situation either. Literally.

Even the preview scenes with the cat were better

In episode 8, Uryuu died and I started enjoying it again. Remember about the perfect timing I was talking about earlier? Screw that, by the end of episode 9, I hopefully thought that since the Mashiro vs Tayutai plot has ended, this anime actually felt enjoyable again. Tayutama might still be able to salvage what’s left of its remaining episodes!

Well, apparently not, Mr. Dragon (literally his name right?) decides to make a comeback which tops all bad Elvis spottings. Standing on top of a pole, talking to the moon, posing like the gay that he is and BAM! End of episode along with all hopes of salvation.

At one point, Mito and Mashiro exchanged words which were so inspiring and managed to touch me deeply... BALLLZ!!! Haven’t felt such a load of pointless banter in a while.

“In my eyes, you are human enough”
“Since you believe in me, I will also believe in you” (Hmm... Is it me or does this sound like someone GAR? :p)
“I won’t let Machiro be alone again”
“Please believe me”
“I’m really sorry”

And to think I though Naruto Shippudden 106-112 was bad. Well, Tayutama is not that bad but it sure came pretty close. At one point, I actually wished Tayutama had fanservice.

Blur: So… I watched Tayutama the other day.
Gummi Bear: What? How could you watch that crap?
Blur: As if you never watched crap animes
Gummi Bear: Well at least the crap I watched had fanservice.
Blur: ...

See my point?

Tentacles and Uniforms but no fanservice

The ONLY good thing about Tayutama is its music. It had a rather standard but still wonderful BGM. The type which would work in probably any anime. As for it's opening and closing, also good, but wouldn't recommend listening to it too often at any given time. Approaches boredom pretty fast.

Mediocrity is an understatement when it comes to Tayutama. All I can hope for now is that no lives were lost in the making (or fansubbing) of this anime. If any did, R.I.P…

No amount of Ultraman posing could have saved this anime

Tayutama - Kiss on my Deity
Rating: 1-Star
Torrents: Ayako

* I am starting to develop a shitty habit. I’m starting to voice out my predictions randomly at the monitor when watching animes. Some are simple and short like “Date Masamune’s gonna come kick your shiny little butt” but some can go like “Mio’s gonna go to the local conbi, buy a lot of yaoi and fold paper planes out of them. But will probably run into Yui before that and give a lame excuse for the yaoi’s she’s carrying before giving Yui a wedgy and running off”.

By now I am thinking I need to spend more time interacting with actual live humans instead of staring at the monitor every little chance I get. Lol!


  1. This post was funny -- especially at the end. LOL!! ^_^

    Well, I've seen the whole series in one settings and I agree with one thing: It was cool that the male lead rode a cool bike! The thing that killed me about the series was the DAMN ending! That was one hell of a sappy ending and it totally ruin it for me. I mean I was ready to at least give it two stars when I decided to write a review on it, but after that awful ending, 0 rating and it did not get reviewed by me!

    So there you have it. :p

  2. Lol.. I've remember reading 2 other sources a while back which were also complaining about the ending. One was from AnimeSuki thread, forgot the other.

    The funny thing is, I finished the series thinking about giving Tayutama 2-Stars too.

    Then I started drafting the review and the more I thought about it, the worse it got. The graphics were bad but the comedy did give me a few laughs every now and then.

    Unfortunately, decided that the little laughs it provided didn't manage to make up for the bad qualities for me.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Pssst.. Just finished Majo Saiban. Gonna try to marathon as many as I can tonight. Lol! :p

  3. Check out Orthros no Inu. I think you may like that one. ;-)

  4. Lol! and another show goes on my To-Watch list.. :P

  5. Loll. I know what you mean when an anime gets soooo bad that you wish it had fan service.
    I guess tentacles could be fan service for some... I'd usually just drop a series when it's bad and it has tentacles.

  6. I always try not to drop any series. Sometimes I rather just leave the anime playing on the pc. And do something else. Lol!

    So "technically" I "watched" the series and thus can do a "thorough" review on it. Lol! -.-"