Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clannad After Story OVA: Kyou Arc

Finally gotten around to watching the Kyou arc. Initially planned to drop a short comment and included it with my Summary of Lots post. But being my favorite series, surely it deserves a spot of its own.

Watching it this late, after so many reviews were out, brings about some good and bad points. Good in the sense that I get to see the feedback and reaction from other fellow bloggers after watching this Kyou arc. Then getting to watch it myself, I try to understand why the feedback or reaction. And finally comparing it with my own. I can’t help but wonder if I actually do attain some sort of sick pleasure from doing that. -.-“

As for the bad point, sometimes I can’t escape spoilers. :p

Even after completing the After Story series, I’ve always and still felt that the Fujibayashi sisters didn’t get enough spotlight. Or rather was more of a supporting cast than being key players. So when they got their own arc, I was happy through and through.

Tomoya had the spotlight on him throughout the episode. Didn’t like that, would have preferred more scenes on how Kyou and Ryou faced each other whenever Tomoya was involved. How they would converse about Tomoya with one another. Etc.

Instead of being hurt, Tomoya looked more like he was confused. Confused to whether he should be feeling hurt in the first place (I sound like I’m going in circles don’t I?). As he fails to confront his true feelings on who he really loves.
As for the sisters, every scene involving them was well expressed. Every Kyou or Ryou scenes played out just I expected they would. I really enjoyed how “human” both Kyou and Ryou was. Kyou being the big sister who tried to put Ryou before her. And Ryou turning out to be the more daring one as she takes the initiative in both stopping Kyou’s advancement and expressing her feelings to Tomoya.

Being so long since I watched any Clannad stories, this episode didn’t turn out as touching as I thought. I didn’t get watery eyes or felt sad even. If anything, I was happy instead. Happy that both Kyou and Ryou finally face their inner self.

I don’t really get how is it that the Fujibayashi sisters get so much hate. And I’m not just talking about posts concerning this episode. Especially Kyou who seems to be steal the spotlight whenever it comes to Clannad discussions, when she didn’t really get much airtime on Clannad itself. Way too much attention, both positive and negative, when she is cast alongside so many other great characters. Why doesn’t anyone talk about Nagisa? Or even Kotomi?

As far as ending is concern, I’m very satisfied with it. Though not as touching as Tomoya arc or Nagisa, script was still well played and plot was direct. It saddens me to think that no matter who Tomoya chose, someone will get hurt. But heck! That’s what reality is like. And THAT’s what makes this episode great.

Clannad After Story OVA: Kyou Arc
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: SS-Eclipse

Off topic: Leave it to Naruto Shippuuden to tear your enthusiasm to shreds. Skipped through episodes 106 to 112. 6 episodes of the ugliest animation ever to come out from Japan. Sometimes I wonder if the story is indeed worth such torture. Just needed a spot to rant on this.


  1. They needed something to "fill up", hence this rubbish artwork. Talking about this, when is the new D.Grayman Season gonna release..looking forward to that one

  2. Lol! Just to clarify this to everyone..

    Mart is talking about the rubbish artwork as in the Naruto Off Topic part. Your comment surprised me for a moment there. -.-"

    Haven't heard of anything about D-grayman. U know, me and my outdated news. Lol!