Saturday, March 28, 2009

Viper's Creed

Following a global war and climate change, 35% of Earth's land mass has sunk into the ocean. In this difficult time, countries rely not on armies but on private military corporations to provide security against constant terrorist attacks. One such company is Arqon Global Security, whose staff of mercenaries is tasked with protecting Daiva City on a pay-per-mission basis. Armed with motorcycles that transforms into weapon-wielding mecha, these "blademen" are none too popular with the people they protect - but they always get the job done! Source:


Wow! Been quite some time since I watched any interesting mecha animes. Glad I chose Viper’s Creed to review. Really dig both the opening and ending themes. Music just goes with the flow effortlessly. Animation is also very crisp. Among the intense action as mercenaries, they manage to layout some softer stories as well, which does wonders balancing out the script.

The hard lines with clear solid colors really sweeten the animation, keeping it neat and easy on the eyes. Character designs are pretty standard but are well crafted to their roles. You have the mysterious, slightly dark but secretly heroic Saiki as the main character, with the na├»ve and innocent Kariya as his ‘operator’, alongside other rather stereotype characters. I am not complaining about that though. As I said the characters were well suited to their roles. Viewers get to understand the few supporting casts as well. As the spotlight is cast on how they ended up as ‘blademen’. This well proportioned anime keeps things enjoyable for viewers. Following a short and simple script with good battle scenes keeps it from getting dull. All the while building up the main plot at the right pace and finally revealing the plot and twist and also everything else at the right time. Definitely a worthy 4-Stars.

Viper’s Creed
Rating: 4-Stars
Torrents: Animesuki

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