Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hajime No Ippo: New Challenger

After a long and hard struggle, Makunochi Ippo has finally won the Japan Featherweight Champion title. And now he must prepare himself as challengers aiming to take his belt away from him appears one by one. From terrifying opponents to close friends appearing as challengers, Ippo has to defend his title against them and aim higher at the same time. Will everything go his way? Or will he succumb to the constant pressure.

Oh no! Another addicting sports themed kick ass anime. Hajime No Ippo will deliver swift and hard punches to viewers of this New Challenger series. Viewers won’t get a chance to feel bored as boxing matches are evenly spaced out between every 4 to 5 episodes. The opening theme also gets you in the mood as you prepare for the match-up. Go grab some popcorn too! Lol!

Characters are pretty old school. With face portraits from the 90’s and blocky muscles, especially obvious during boxing matches, which is only natural. Animation is accompanied by solid and clear colors. I did not get the chance to watch the original Hajime No Ippo series but I doubt the animation has changed much. It’s nice that there isn’t too much exaggeration during the boxing matches. None of your flashy 360 degrees fire-breathing sky-reaching punch. The sound effects also nicely compliment the action. Keeping things exciting without viewers even knowing it.

I understand that there is a little bit of romance going on in the anime, between Makunochi Ippo and a girl by the name of Kumi-san. I wish they would show just a tad bit more of this. Only briefly mentioning about this romance in the first episode has left me curious. It’s good that even though I missed the original Hajime No Ippo series, I don’t feel left out as everything is pretty straight forward and relationships are relapsed whenever a related character is involved. At the end of the match, Hajime No Ippo definitely deserves a hefty 5-Star punch.

Hajime No Ippo - New Challenger
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: Frostii

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