Monday, September 21, 2009

Arancia Complete!

Crash course last night and woke up in the wee hours today and completed this..
I love it!

Being too excited, I've already submitted this to Arancia but anything I should have improved on?

Update: Woot! It's Up! Arancia Project.


  1. Orangey!

    To be honest though, I think her hair lets her down; it looks...odd

    Aside from that, I like! Her skin tones are very well done

  2. Nice gradients and vectoring! I love the oranges in the bg as well.
    Quick questions: What program are you using and are you shaping out the lines?

  3. @Snark
    Yeah.. The hair was hard. I tried doing it again but just wasn't any good. I wonder if the proper way is to actually do thread at a time.

    Thanks Yi.. It was done with Adobe Fireworks. Not much of a photoshop guy. Fireworks all the way.. :p

    Erm.. I don't really know what shaping means but I traced it from another doujin work. Then modified the vector points to suit Arancia.

  4. Is Fireworks better to work with? I've never tried it.
    By shaping, I just meant that if you're tracing out the lines as well. But I see how you're doing it now. Good job btw.

  5. Well.. I believe that Photoshop has more features. But I also believe that the limit is not the software but the ability of the artist. That's why I didn't switch to Photoshop. But if you are starting fresh, I'd say go Photoshop. So much more tutorials around the web.

    Macromedia Fireworks was the first editing software I tried. And it kind of got stuck on me. I did try Photoshop but the rich features overwhelmed me. Lol!

    Try checking out It's not a guide or something. But the progress image depth-san put up there was very informative. A picture does speak a thousand words in his/her case.

  6. OOps.. forgot to mention. My impressions of Photoshop and Fireworks are based on the version few years back. I haven't had the chance to try out the new Photoshop. So it might have improved or something. Just to let you know.. :p

    And Thanks for the kind words!

  7. she looks so moe posing like that. nice and I think it is perfect since I know nuts when it comes to make art via computer programs

  8. @blur: Thanks for the tips. ^ ^