Monday, May 4, 2009


So... Recently I started using the word "Moe" without realizing it. I kinda just picked it up while reading anime blogs here and there. Usually I do not use a word without understanding what it really mean. But every now and then, Moe just slips out of my mouth. I assumed that it meant "cute" or more towards "way-over-but-still-lovable-cute". But I still had my doubts, so, did a little Google (Google is l33t by the way :p) and this is what I came up with. - pretty much the whole deal - article on moe - Forum on moe

It's up to you to decide how you want to use moe, but for me, i'll try to stick to "fetish". I guess "blur is a Kannagi-moe" sounds about right? :p

Updated 2009-05-14: Been trying the above out. Doesn't feel right AT ALL! If words were used to communicate between the user and the receiver. Then the message has to be clear and understood both ways. Using Moe such as the example above, really draws the funny eyebrows treatment. Lol! So after the "tests". It is clear that I should just stick to Moe being "crazily-addicting-cuteness-to-extent-of-being-almost-illegal". Lol!
As in "I have not watched K-on yet, but I've already know it is the Moe of the month" or "Kannagi is the Queen of Moe!"

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