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Naruto Shippuudden: Kizuna

Konoha has suddenly been attacked by flying shinobis from the Sky Country. It turns out to be revenge for the Second Great Ninja War in the past which Konoha destroyed the Sky Country. At the same time, a doctor and his apprentice, Shinou and Amaru appeared in Konoha requesting aid for their village on the outskirts of Fire Country. As they also have been attacked by the Sky Country. Naruto, Sakura and Hinata teams up to form a three-man cell to accompany and help Shinou and Amaru as they head on to their village. Meanwhile, Shikamaru and other ninja’s takes the offensive to attack Sky Country’s fleet before they can launch a second attack. Do not miss this, Naruto Shippuuden: Bonds also known as Naruto Shippuuden: Kizuna.
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While previous Naruto movies always take a longer portion of the anime to build depth to characters and settings, this movie really doesn’t waste any time. Instead, there is action right away starting with a short but awesomely crafted war sequence. The war sequence feels like it was inspired from the Pearl Harbor history.
The way they do it is to have 2 stories told, focusing on 2 different places, at the same time. On one side, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Sai and another ninja (Be Surprised!) are attacking the Sky Country’s main fleet. At another location, Naruto, Amaru, Sakura and Hinata are engaging whom I assume to be the leader of the Sky Country. Hmm! Now that I think about it, he never revealed his true rank or position in the Sky Country uprising.
When the pace slows down as Naruto’s squad encounters the enemy and a lot of talking is taking place, they turn the spotlight over to Shikamaru and his squad, showing some battle scenes before re-focusing on Naruto. Hence, it really does feel like there is non-stop action. This is the most unique attribute of this movie.

They really should give Sakura and Hinata some solid roles. And maybe I haven’t got my Naruto facts straight, but since when did Hinata become a medical ninja? (She was helping out in the hospital right). While the background of Amaru and Shinou is not elaborated thoroughly, in no way does the characters feel dense. Instead of doing multiple scenes of the past, characters develop depth as they explain their course of actions with one-lined scripts thrown in every now and then. This is again another unique attribute which differentiates Kizuna among other Naruto movies. The somewhat softer side of Sasuke is portrayed in this movie. It is a good and welcomed change from the constant cold and placid reaction normally expected from him.

The animation is superb. And the best part is that it is consistent throughout the movie. The coloring is solid and well moderated as per usual Naruto episodes. But it’s the well drawn outlines and fluid motions which really make the animation in this movie stand out. I hope you notice this as an anime fan but the facial expressions in this movie is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Now that’s what I call acting.
As for sound wise, two words says it all “Dolby Ownage”. And the combination of the above mentioned animation and sound, Golden!

Naruto Shippuudden: Kizuna a.k.a Naruto Shippuudden: Bonds
Rating: 5-Stars
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