Sunday, May 3, 2009

Training With Hinako

Training With Hinako is a 20 minute anime which is "supposed" to be a workout video. I didn't know what to expect when I was watching this. But an anime is an anime, regardless of how retarded it is, so here goes nothing. Warning, major spoilers below cause the plot ain't even worth hidding.

Hinako used to be a real person. Then one day, while watching an anime, the TV flashed of bright white and the next thing she knew was that she became an anime character. Next scene, you walk into her showering and she introduces herself. Now as an anime character, Hinako is acting in another Sailormoon-styled anime. And she has been warned that if she gains anymore weight, she will be cut from that role. So she pulls you along for a workout. The workouts consist of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. I don't know if boob-bounce counts as a work out but Hinako did it anyway. Part 2, she changes to her undergarment and repeats the workout. Part 3, she changes to her bloomers and repeats the workout. Bear in mind that all 3 workouts were the same animation albeit different clothing only. As I watched through this show and laughed my ass off, I could feel my brains get sucked right out of my head. I have officially been Retardified!

As to how this anime is said to hit top sales in Amazon Japan rankings is an amazement to me. o_0"
Actually I have nothing against this anime (if you could call it that), it's just that it feels so so wrong. And to be honest, even if they came up with an episode 2 or some shit, I will still watch it JUST to see how retarded I can feel and how good a laugh it will be.

Training With Hinako
Rating: 1-Star
Torrents: Chihiro

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