Friday, October 30, 2009


I’m pretty sure that most of you don’t notice, but my enthusiasm towards anime blogging has hit an all time low. I’ve actually thought about putting Anime3R to a halt for the past 2 days. Initial thought says that I’ve reached the PHASE.

What PHASE you say?
You know... the PHASE. The phase that every bloggers “supposedly” encounters at least once. Where they start to wonder if all the effort, attention and time poured into their blog is worth it.

Hmm… Neh. It’s not the PHASE affecting my enthusiasm. I’ve been through the PHASE so many times, I’m practically numb to it. I welcome the PHASE. In fact, the PHASE is something I’d freaking embrace with my soft and loving bosom. Cause every time I get pass the PHASE, I realize why I’m blogging. For myself, my interest, my hobby, my entertainment, my pleasure. But remember! Play safe, Use Rubber.

Instead, it’s more like the shitload and shitload and shitloads of work that’s affecting me. It’s already bad enough that I hate my job, but to have shitloads of it just makes is suck much more. The only saving grace about work is the satisfaction I get from the one day of “rest” employees usually get after completing a large order. The salary comes second.

Well… screw grace. Currently in mid process of the current order involving shitloads of work. The boss already tells us to pick up the pace so we can rush on to the next 5 huge orders a.k.a more shitloads of work. Oh well, blame it on my lack of skills and abilities to get stuck in a job I hate. Still awaiting the day when I will be able to make a living out of animes.

Random Cosplay photo. LMAO!!

Credits to watermark in picture.

I’ve always boasts about I have no life. It keeps my post counts coming strong. Well, life decided to catch up. Shitloads of work is one aspect. The other aspect, I’ve found a new love. No… I’m not talking about the type you get from the opposite sex. I’m talking about the passion of my new hobby, photography. I’ve always been interested in photography since the first figure photoshoot in Anime3R. No wait, since I bought my first camera.

It was an Olympus C150. Paid RM$700 for that piece of shit. 1.3 megapixel. No optical zoom. 64MB storage. Second camera, Panasonic Lumix Fs-7. Rm$590. 10megapixel of smooth compact goodness. Leica lens. 4gigs of storage. Morgan’s Law farking ownz you.

Fast forward a few months, and I now have my first D-SLR, a Sony a300. I just could not resist the temptation after seeing the infinite possibilities which a RAW photo file allows. But it was the photo-shoot from last week which shot my interest sky high.

Now, every time I sit in front of the computer, getting ready to draft an anime review and nothing comes out. Even after watching good animes like Spice and Wolf Season 1 and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (In progress). Instead, what goes through my mind is how I’m going to do a Haruhi Gekisou shoot. And also for my upcoming figures.

I don’t know if this is just a phase? Or if it will pass by anytime soon. But I do know what I want, and for now, I want (and will)
1) Revamp Anime3R yet again, as per previous mood swing.
2) Cut down on anime reviews and try to increase topic on other categories. Hopefully cosplay photography. Xp
3) Try to achieve a more friendly and welcoming blog. Rather than the slightly professional (“wannabe”) atmosphere I now have in my blog.
4) Also expect a name change. -.-“

"shitload and shitload and shitloads of work"
- blur


  1. I hear you brother. Got shitload of work over here too but unlike you, I'm doing something that I enjoy. Oh yes, I is awesome! *rubs more salt to your wound and presses it down* XD

    I say combined the interests. I love photography too even though my skill sucks dick hence I do some figureshoot every now and then to satisfy my humongous ego. Works for me, probably it would work the same for you?

  2. I understand the phase. I've actually been contemplating about similar things recently. I've been kind of wanting to hand my blog off to someone for a while, because life is really starting to catch up.
    Anyway, I hope whatever you decide to do, revamp the site, more photo shoots, and such, you find joy in doing it. Good luck!
    I will continue to visit. ^ ^

  3. Aye, it's never nice when you just can't feel the enthusiasm. But yeah, I'm with Kluxorious on this; it might be fun to combine your interest, like a super robot!

  4. @klux
    Argh! It stings! -.-"
    But now that you mention it, what do you work as anyway? If you don't mind me asking. Just got curious all of a sudden.

    And yours photo skills do not suck. Lol!

    Words I will always treasure! As always, thanks for the support.

    Actually I had a slightly similar idea... Well, not really slightly, I wanted to guest post at other blogs instead. Lol! So that way I could write whenever I want to, without worrying the blog would be dead if I didn't write anything for a long time. Xp

    But I'll just stick to what I have at hand for now. Lol!

    Gettai Henshin! Lol.
    "you just can't feel the enthusiasm"
    A problem I wonder if you have ever faced?


    With all being said, I'm actually trying to take it further. Instead of modifying Anime3R, I'm starting a new blog. But with less words (if possible, I am a talkative guy after all a.k.a Spammer) and more pictures. I'm trying to work out how I'm going to incorporate anime reviews in but guess we'll just see how it goes. Or maybe I'll remain posting the anime reviews in Anime3R and put everything else into the new blog. Lol!

    "We take one step at a time,
    There's no need to rush,
    It's like learning to fly,
    Or falling in love..."

    Lol... I have no idea what I'm trying to express with the song. -.-"
    Just popped into my head.

  5. Combining interests does sound like a good idea! =) Hey... we all go through the PHASE! It happens... but no matter what, I'll still continue to snoop by and see wha'cha up to! Because I'm just that type of gal. LOL

    But I'm going to make ya smile. I'm dedicating my next post to ya. Thinking if it doesn't put a smile on your face or at least make ya laugh out loud, then I've fail miserably and will go into stealth mode... T.T

  6. @Cag
    Haha. I'm laughing already. Xp
    Funny thing was, I was at your site when the new email alert beeped. It was alerting me about your comment.

    But just to clarify, are you updating something? Cause your blogs index page is not loading. I've been trying for 20 mins or so.

  7. I'm currently in the process of writing it now. O.O I've added a new code, so if you're viewing with FoxFire, it might not load properly. Thinking I may have to erase the code because you're the second person to tell me of this problem. I'll do it after I post the entry. But you will love it!

  8. I'm a free lance writer (used to be called editor -__-") for motorsport web magazines. I am also an entrepreneur PLUS and associate for a NGO group. I lead a pretty busy life, right?

  9. @Cag
    Read your post. Funniest shit ever! Lol...
    I'm totally watching that! :p

    OMG! I hatez jooOOOO!!!
    Oops, my jealousy had an outburst.. Lol. But seriously, if I knew you earlier, I would have been one of the thousands of request you would get to do a write up on their car. Xp

    Busy life indeed.