Thursday, October 29, 2009

09-10-25 Vocaloid Shoot - Concluded

Well... Finally done editing and uploading everything.

And this is a picture of the guys in action. Razrig, Misao, Linkin, Valho, KC, Kuzuryu (behind Misao), E-jump. Hah! I gOt yoU Candid-ed! Lol!


After 4 days of editing. Eyes are now bloody red. Animes are majorly backlogged. I have not blog surfed for the 4 days. And I almost lost the ability to type proper sentences. But it is totally worth it...
I have absolutely fallen in love with portrait photography!

Thought I'd make a post of my favorite shots from each cosplayer. :p
Just to milk out my photos.

Angie00 - Miku Diva
Angie00 - Hatsune Miku (Diva)

Cutiepie and Mint - Ainone Kana and Kai
Cutiepie305 & Mint - Ainone Kana & Kai

Chikoness - Toeto Luka
Fav shot of the day. No questions asked!
Chikoness - Toeto Luka

AkikoWolf - Miku BRS
Akiko Wolf - Hatsune Miku (Black Rock Shooter)

Some other Gif's. Not in flickr.

Edit: Oops.. Forgot to mention. As usual, Rest of the pictures at flickr.


  1. Nice pic !!! huhu atlast.. u finish it!!!~~ i havent t___t.. nice Giff^^

  2. Kaito is made of win! of and also, I think you should probably enhance the color a bit to make it kinda look like OUT THERE ^^"

    Nice photos though

  3. @razrig
    Lol. Thanks.
    Gam Bah Teh! Awaiting your final batch.

    Hmm.. Good idea. I kinda noticed how everyone else's photos is richer than mine too. But was just wondering if it was my eyes playing tricks. Since now that you mention it. It's confirmed. Lol. Note taken!