Tuesday, October 27, 2009

09-10-25 Vocaloid Shoot - Yowane Haku by Kazuikori

Razrig, if I saw you taking a candid of me. You'd probably end up with a picture of me fingering you. Lol! Anyway, thanks for the photo. Here I am, stressed and overdosed on adrenaline, in my full bald glory.

Don't mean to spam the blog directories with so many post in one day, but didn't expect to finish editing Yowane Haku's pictures so soon. Anyway, here's more pictures hot out of the oven!

I love the symmetry thing jig-a-ma-bob going on in here. Didn't even cross my mind during the photoshoot. Yowane Haku by Kazuikori, Drunk? Perhaps.. Good posing nonetheless!

Kazuikori - Yowane Haku

Kazuikori - Yowane Haku
I'd just like to mention, this pose was the idea of Kazuikori. Sai~koh!

As usual, more in flickr.


  1. Lots of good shots and cos. ^ ^

  2. So was this purely a vocaloid shoot?

  3. @Yi
    Thanks. Yeap. The cosplayers were great, costume and attitude wise. Chikoness (Toeto Luka) continued cosplaying despite her headache. Roxxors!

    Yeap. Although some characters were fan-made I think. Like Mecha-Kaito. Lol!

  4. Epic photos Blur! Love every single bit of it xD

    Love having you around since you're such a good sport! x3

  5. Heya Kori...

    I kinda shifted everything to http://naneee.wordpress.com :p
    Just letting you know.

    Thanks for the kind words... :)