Tuesday, October 27, 2009

09-10-25 Vocaloid Shoot - Nigaito by RayRay

First off, please forgive my sorry-ass-excuse of a post from last night.
I was having an adrenalin hangover since sunday's shoot, grumpy, tired, stressed out from work and I have yet to find time to finish my last 2 episodes of Spice and Wolf season 1. Fortunately, today work was much better. Despite my 1 hour of sleep from last night. So I'm all Genki Genki now. Now back to the post...

Was invited to a cosplay photoshoot last Sunday. Again, thanks to RayRay and Razrig for the invite. Basically RayRay asked Raz to ask around and Raz told me to come along. :)

Location: MMU, Cyberjaya.

Cosplayers - Character
Rayray - Nigaito
Kazuikori - Yowane Haku
Cutiepie305 - Ainone Kana
Mint - Ainone Kai
Angie00 - Hatsune Miku (Diva)
akiko wolf - Hatsune Miku (Black Rock Shooter)
Chikoness - Toeto Luka
DeidaraGS - MechaKaito

Photographers and Others: Lots of cool guys with mean looking cameras. Lol!

The theme of the day was Vocaloid's if you haven't already notice. -.-"

First hour of the photoshoot, I was all stressed out. Lol! Cause from what I see in the camera. Most of the pictures were somehow or rather too dark. Only later did I found out that it was because the sunlight was reflecting on my camera's display which makes it LOOK like the pictures were too dark.

By the way, The picture above ^. That's my weapon by fate. A Sony A300 dslr. Nothing to shout about, a beginner's machine with your usual beginner's specs and features.

Finally done touching up on Nigaito, cosplayed by RayRay. Uploaded and I bring to you 4 of my favourite shots of her.

Rayray - Nigaito

Rayray - Nigaito

Rayray - Nigaito

Rayray - Nigaito
Probably the best shot of the day. No touch-up whatsoever, didn't even crop. Lol!
Picture is as is!

For the rest of the pictures, do drop by my album at flickr.
Doumo Arigato!


  1. I must say that Miku looks pretty damn cute. Best cosplay of Miku so far (at least the one from malaysia).

  2. Yeap. Kuzuryu has the best shot of Miku. Looks really nice! Razrig and E-jumps too!

    Me and my noob shots. -.-"
    I'll let the atmosphere quiet down a little before I post. So people won't notice the difference too much. Lol!