Tuesday, October 27, 2009

09-10-25 Vocaloid Shoot

First off, I have to Thank RayRay and Razrig for the invitation to join their photoshoot.

It's 1.30am now and I'm only at my 7th picture! RAWR! I love photography!!!

Too tired from 4 hours of photo editing though.So will keep the spam short and here you go.

Kazuikori  - Yowane Haku
Beer Guzzler FTW!

Full set @ flickr


  1. That's pretty cool, where was the photo shoot held at?

  2. Oh I didn't know you joined Misao for the photoshoot. I'm not a fan of vocaloid though so I kinda confuse of Haku's gender.

  3. urs one are better then my 1st photo shoot ^^
    nices ^^

    @kluxorious : haku is a girl~~ ^^

  4. Looking at everyone's pictures. I hate that my photography noobness shows! Practicex3!!! Lol.

    Thanks. It was held at Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. :)

    Yeah. Lucky to be invited. ;p

    Lol. Kind words. Thanks!
    I want my BOKEH! RawrR!

  5. Nice shoot and cosplay. Love the costumes. ^ ^

  6. Thanks Yi!
    Looking at their costumes, I did get the urge to cosplay. Lol!

    Though at the end of the day, I probably prefer being the one who holds the camera. -.-"

  7. I want to try out cosplaying as Byakuya, just to see how I fare. Too bad i'm too lazy to make the costume. And also because I don't know how to make a hakama/kimono.