Monday, September 14, 2009

I.L.C. #3 - Why Daisy Why?

Meet Daisy. She's my new PC. Apparently she doesn't think much of me. Having just brought her home for 2 days. She has already shown me 3 bSoD's. And what had it cost me?

Oh... Nothing much. Just my Koukaku no Regios OST review I haven't post up (Sorry and thanks for your time zzero-sensei!), 2 weeks worth of anime character vectoring, and 3 other articles which were too retarded to be posted up anyway. Oh... Did I mention my WHOLE FREAKING ANIME3R BACKUP FILES TOO? Normally, I would be pissed. But I'm not. I tell myself I'm not. I believe I'm not therefore I AM NOT... pissed.

Anyway. I need something more solid for this SPAM post as to not deter potential future lurkers. So I'm gonna give you guys more SPAM about my figure-ing and some interesting links.


Meet the reason I started buying figures.

Yeap, it was Black Rock Shooter which I first came across at Anime Princess. I would link the post to show how Lostty slowly seaped the figure addiction to all who read her post. But I think it was lost with her last site revamp. By the time I decided to get BRS, orders were completely full. She has been my dream figure every since. Being the figure I will never be able to buy.

So, recently somehow or rather my usual figure source re-opened pre-orders for her. As what everyone says... Instant get. So I placed my order. Thing is, he mentioned he might not be able to get her for sure. Which is totally fine by me, no biggie. But if he does manage to get BRS for me (there are 22 other people fighting for her by the way) I'd be happy to call it quits to my figure collecting. FOr rEal. Lol! Been talking about it since a while anyway. So what better way to end it than to place the last order on my dream figure. -.-"


And now on to the links I was saying earlier.


Something light, intriguing, real yet funny@Cons+Piracy. Blogging related I guess. Having read that, how does the post reflect you? Me, I'm just trying to use big words to increase my vocabulary. Remember my dork post? Yeah... reasoning still applies.

Lesson of the day: Referring to Calvin and Hobbes makes you a Winner! :p


"2 weeks worth of anime character vectoring"

Heard of arancia project? I just did through arancia-project@polymetrica. Got pretty interested in it. So I thought I'd give it a go. Prepare yourself for the horror I will be unleashing upon your vision in the near future. I actually had some face and body clips to show you guys in this post. But stupid Daisy and her shit tantrum. I'm not pissed... I'm not pissed.

Arancia Project

Just to get it out from the start, I'll be using the doujin artwork of the one with the two ponytails in the middle to provide the outline for my character.
Why am I using someone elses work you ask? Simple...
Would you rather see the below instead?

Guess not.

So credits for the character outline goes to And yeah... that's a dead link. There are no other links on his doujin poster. Tried googling for him but nothing came up. So there's that.


And to end the day, a nice ending theme for everyone. And also zzeroparticle for giving me some ideas with my OST review which will not be published. -.-" That is until I get really bored, re-download the album, and try to recap everything I wrote previously.

Yasashii Uso by Chrome Shelled
This version features Felli Loss. There are 2 other versions including Nina Antalk version and Leerin Marfes version. All characters in Koukaku no Regios.

Full Version of the above.

Now excuse me while I listen to this song for the 66423768591467842th time.


  1. Sorry to hear that about your comp.
    I've tried a bit of vectoring, but it usually does not work out for me.
    Looking forward to seeing some vector works from you, even though they seemed to have all been lost.

  2. Daisy? That's a pansy name, no wonder your computer keeps on blue screening! I would have given it the name of a real man! Like Might Gaine!

  3. wow~~~~~~~~~ comp + back-up + post /gg~~~ that... cant describe in word~~.... seriously..

    BRS uncertain???.. wow.. that.. sad...

    Gambatane on the post ^^

  4. if you get the BRS, we GOT TO meet so I can take lots of picture of her. I can't afford her :(

    The author of cons+piracy is actually a friend of mine ^^"

  5. At time of writing this post, I would have just reformatted my PC for the 7th time. Lol! Still getting BsOd's.

    Although I think overclocking might have something to do with it. :p Going back to fail-safe default settings now. Let's see how it goes. -.-"

    Lol! Am trying to get the damn pc stable so my vectors will actually last more than a day. When that happens, I show what I have. :p

    I don't reeeally call my pc Daisy. I was just thinking of a name which flashed by as I was typing this post. Initially I called it John. Cause it was the simplest name I could think off. Lol! But I didn't to sleep in the same room with another "guy". Hence the name of the image file "John.jpg". Lol...

    Lol. Yeah. All pumped up to see what the pc can do. Only to get bSoD'ed... again and again. Sux.
    Time to share your emo with me man.. :p

    You can always get reallocate your budget plans :p Cutting down on 1 set of petite nendoroids perhaps? Hehehe. But even if you did manage to relocate some out, I'm sure you would end up dropping it on Bleach characters instead. ;p

    I'm guessing cons+piracy is a classmate? He post up some very nice reads. Interesting. :)

  6. yeah I have to cut down on nendoroid petit anyway. figma drossel cost me a fortune <_<

  7. I dnt know much about computers or what you were talking about but, the computer looks damn sexy. and I agree with Snark it is indeed a pansy name. I would suggest the name Max Powers or a stripper name like Baby Blew. Also I thought I never would want a anime figurine until I saw yours now I want one haha xD

  8. @klux
    "figma drossel cost me a fortune"
    That doesn't sound right when you just got yourself a 50D. Lol!

    My pc now has a new name. She shall be known as SkullCrusher! Lol.

    "I thought I never would want a anime figurine until I saw yours now I want one"
    Lostty would be proud of me if she saw this. Lol!
    Cost me Rm$4xx. Not sure how much it would be converted to your currency. :p

  9. hehehe I'm totally fucked when it comes to spending money. But seriously, the price for Drossel doubled =\

  10. Sorry about all your shit getting fucked [by your computer], at least it looks cool. I've been thinking of getting a new one (deciding between desktop or laptop) and now I'm pretty sure I want to get a desktop so that I can trick it out that that one [appears to be].

  11. @klux
    Congrats on your Drossel get! Saw it on twitter. :p Nyum...

    I foresee photo spam at ConsKlu[x] in the near future. :p

    Lol. Thanks! Just make sure you DOUBLE backup your stuffs and choose a Gar name (if you ever name your desktop) to avoid getting smeared with crap like the fucktArd here. -.-"