Thursday, July 9, 2009

Never forget..

Doing my blog rounds yesterday, I came across jusuchin85's post, which then led me to otakudan's post.

"Hmm... It's been 8 months since I started blogging. What have I achieved? What was my goal in the first place? Indeed why did I blog?"

Thankfully, I still remember the reason I started Anime3r. In fact, I still remember what inspired me to start Anime3r. Four scores and seven years ago.... ^^

Well, there was one day I was just surfing around with animes in mind. I came across one site which reviews animes, the unique part about this site was that it uses only one to five sentence for every single review. Something similar to the picture below.

That time, I was pretty dazzled by that format. Don't ask me why, I still do not know. Unfortunately, I forgot what site this was. But it was a loooooong time ago.

So while checking out the site I mentioned, I took down the titles of some of the animes which sounded interesting. And as I began to Google for the torrents, I found nothing for the titles I wanted to watch. It was frustrating. And that's when I started to wonder.

"Hey, maybe I can start something to which joins the 2 together. That could be a way for me to contribute to the anime world that I love so much"

Provide a short review and the torrents so that anyone can just come in, read the review and if he likes what he sees, just click on the link and that's it. Somehow or rather the idea just got on hold and left my mind for a bit. Well, a few years to be exact. -.-"

Let's just call this part 1 of my story. And now to part 2...

Last year, I was doing something (forgot what though) and discovered I was actually losing touch with my English vocabulary. Then it occurred to me that I have not written anything in English for a long long time. I work as a machine operator and don't write a single word at all during work. Although I do talk English with my friends. I actually forgot how to spell some of the more common words.

"Hey! I could try blogging. And about animes too! That's a good way to practice my English"

And that's when everything from part 1 of my little story came rushing back to me. I know I am a bad writer. No denying there. So I thought that this was a superb opportunity to both fuel my passion and improve my English.
*Er.. not trying to win some brownie points or crap like that. But me losing my fiance-to-be also kind of made me choto-sabishi. Felt like I needed to reach out a little which also pushed me towards blogging. Although this is the first time I've ever mentioned this in any blogs. Hence also the start of Blur's Crib*

*Kid-J and Mart, if you are reading this please don't show SiNN this post*

Ok, where was I? Oh ya...
December 08 arrived and I started my blog. And that's also when I got fancy. I thought I should take the initiative to write a longer review and make it fancy or something. 6 months back then, all I could worry about was how terrible my writing was. Torrents were never an issue (Only for Negima! season 1 which was hard to find). A few months into Anime3r and I started comparing reviews with other bloggers.

"How the hell do they manage to write a whole freaking essay on a single episode?!"

Next thing I knew, I got sucked into the black hole of misconception that more-words-means-better-reviews. And that's when blogging started feeling like a rat race. The thing is, it only feels so when doing anime reviews. Other posts like those concerning figures and personal topics were so much more fun. I do believe that figure being a new found hobby has a lot to do with it. But why blog about anime reviews when you don't feel like it?

"Gonna call it a night here and think about it"

*Stopped jotting this in my little black book and fell asleep*
(A day passes..)
*Back! After all that thinking last night (which probably lasted about 5 minutes before I fell asleep. Lol!)*

I've decided to try out the original intended format of reviews which as per part 1 of my story; uses minimal words to sum up an anime review. Seeing how blogging frequently has been able to help me out a lot with my English, I shouldn't need to worry about writing long and thorough or complicated reviews anymore. And also with a shorter review, I'm sure I will have more time with others and more time to surf blogs.

Lastly, and more importantly. Thank you for the support. To all who left comments or just came in here to check out Anime3r. Me and this blog was truly motivated by you guys and I hope my new format will not hinder any response from anyone.


Yes, that is me... Doing what I do best, Fingering all my friends who tries to take candid shots of me in a public cafe.

From an anime lover to another.


  1. The finger is epic. It sums up the whole post amazingly!


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  3. *Oops.. Lol! Sis's account above*

    Thanks! Lol! I was hoping the picture would help me get readers to break a laugh or two. That's why I put in a silly picture at the end of a "serious" post.

  4. Finger epic ^___^

    I dont remember y i blog... duh *_*