Thursday, July 9, 2009

Incest and the what not's

Listen up guys! Check out this post at Taikutsu Remedy. In a nutshell, it discusses Incest touching both from Moral and Legal views. It was suppose to be about Incest in animes too. But I think it got overshadowed. Lol!

Stop being ignorant and participate! Lol! Now excuse me while I go watch KissXsis...

Just joking! Lol! I do have it stored away in my PC however, but haven't watch it yet. Let's hope it doesn't turn into something sick. -.-"

Random-Photo-Time! (I got this Random Photo idea from lostty by the way.)


  1. KISS x SIS is awesome.

    The girls are hot and it's funny ecchi comedy ^^ Nothing sick!

  2. Cool! Thanks for the heads up.
    Now I can look forward to the anime without fear! ^^

  3. Kiss x Sis............ i was thinking of reveiwing it but...... the anime was to er.. what can u call it... er.. nose bleeding? ... and ecchi... i like his sister..