Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Black owns Grey

Been rather free at work for the past 3 days. Thought I'd stop making display boxes and started gathering some materials for my God Knows scene recreation.

Hmm. Looks like I'm doing ok for now. Gathered almost all the materials I need. From now on is the hard part I guess.


Brown stage - Check!

White Background - Check!

Spectators - Check!

Curtains - Still need to cut and sew them to resemble the wavy curtains. Now THIS is gonna be a challenge. Lol! I've never sew anything since curriculum class ages ago back in school.

Other 2 band members - Although not perfect, I guess I'll be using either Asahina and Tsuruya for the drums and another for bass. And I just thought of something, I need a spare guitar for the remaining bassist. -.-" Shit!

Drums - I saw a miniature drum kit at a flea market stall last week but it sure was expensive! Gonna drop by this coming weekend with a figure to see if the size fits. Have a feeling the drum kit might be a little too big. But crossing fingers! If not, I have nooOOoOo idea where else will I come across another drum kit.

Yellow Banner across the background - As soon as I get me some yellow papers. Lol!


One thing I don't like is the stage being a little too big. But I kind of got everything glued together now. Stupid noobie mistake. Ruzzle-Fuzzle-Kuzzle! Gonna need some nasty sawing. *Cranks the chainsaw. BbreeeeEEeEEeeeeeeeeEEEehhhhh*

I really like the last photo, almost feel like I was there. Lol!

Oops.. Forgot to mention the reason behind the title. I was just thinking how much better the "crowd" would have looked if they were black in color. Will probably color one out to try.


  1. blur let me be the photographer ^^ seem to be a nice project ^__^

  2. Lol! I'm sure pictures you take will turn out way better than whatever crap I can muster out.