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In a world where the Doppeliner system kills off innocent people, a human boy named Keita and a Mototsumita (Guardian) named Kuro forms a contract which grants them stronger power to achieve their own goals. Keita in destroying the Doppeliner system which has killed many of his friends and family. Kuro in revenging the death of her tribe, killed by her own elder brother. More info:

Animation: 5/5
All fight scenes were pretty milked and the final fight scene was epic! Nuff said.

Music: 2/5
No opening nor closing did I enjoy. Tried hard I did, young Jedi.

Story: 5/5
Doppeliner was really a good setting. And they made it sound so terribly convincing too. Unfortunately, it got a little boring at midpoint of the series.

Character: 4/5
Although bearing all the similar stuff you would find in any other animes, characters still felt unique with everyone having different personalities. Everyone got a good piece of the action. Well balanced indeed.

One of the highlights of this series to me was Akane in becoming one of my favorite female characters. She defines unique in this season of vastly stereotyped female anime characters.

First off, she is older than the lead by a lot. She works and drives while Keita is still schooling. How often do you find that?
Second, she doesn’t go crying around town every time Keita is hurt or something bad happens. Instead, she does what she can to help and if she can’t help, she knows how to stay still.
Third, she has the “balls” (pun intended :p) to express her feelings for Keita, where any other typical female characters would do the god-forsaken routine of
1) Blush;
2) Smile/Giggle/Smirk;
3) Deny/Shouts at male/Smacks male in the head;
in the respective order.

I usually hates recaps as a final episode but this, I like. This has got to be one of the most matured ending in an anime I've seen in a while. Sad yes, but matured none the less. And Akane got some airtime from here too. ;p

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Ratings: 4-Stars
Torrents: IndeXdown

Off-topic: What do you guys think of the new lazy format? Passable? Lol! Do comment please. Another thing I found out is that it is almost impossible to review an anime in 5 sentences. Lol!


  1. To be honest, I'm not very fond of the abridged reviewing format; there's just not enough detail to properly articulate what you think about the series.

    That said however, I might give this a shot; I don't really have anything to watch right now anyway

  2. I really feel what you mean. Even I had a hard time writing this review. I was looking through my scrap book and wondering how the heck was I gonna fit 3 pages of scribbles into a few sentences. Lol!
    But I thought I'd post it anyway since I wanted to try things out. It also occurred to me that the animation, music and story wise would probably been covered in other blogs/sites. Hence, I focused more on my personal thoughts. But yeah.. definitely lacked information.

    For my next attempt, I'll definitely include more details and a thorough explanation.
    Thanks for the honesty and advise!

    Before you watch Kurokami, you should know that I am probably the only reviewer who gave this anime a passing mark. Lol! So don't give this review too much credit. Hahaha! *Shoots self in the leg*
    Don't want to disappoint you on the first review you check out at anime3r.

  3. Not bad for a anime review, but i would like to see the goods and bads of the anime before i decide to watch kurogami. I always check the anime genre before getting it ;D

    Personally i draft my post as a anime recommendation (without spoilers). In that way i can keep it simple, by telling the "selling point" and the negative side of what i think of the series.

    If i want to write a review, im expecting to go in depth on the design, concept, visuals, characters, and important story plots. maybe not now, since im having hard time to craft simple post, like my eureka seven movie review >__<. let us try harder together!

  4. Yeap! Kam Bah Teh!

    *Hmm.. Wondering if Ikemashyo would be a suitable phrase to use here*