Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7o'clock.. Time to Spam!

Yes, it’s that time again… Where I post up some spam and sugarcoat it so that it may present itself as an intellectual discussion.

I’ve wanted to rant about this since a few months back. But always chucking the idea aside, God knows why… Coming across Otaku Dan’s post about ADV closing down not long ago, kind of brought up the idea again. Kick started the Crap Generation Module in my brain and off I go…

So, how many of you guys** actually know which Studio your favorite animes come from?

And the answer will probably be… everyone. It wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out that I’m the only one who doesn’t know. Well as a matter of fact, I do know where 2 ( and only 2 ) animes come from. And that’s Clannad and K-on which are both from KyoAni. Eden of the East? No idea. Tengen Toppa? No idea also. Kannagi? Nope. Negima? Noooo freaking idea! Naruto or Bleach? Zen Zen nai. Oh ya! Recently added to the list of known anime/studio would be Evangelion by ADV as per OtakuDan’s post.

Well, I don’t know because I simply don’t care. Or rather I choose to be ignorant.

I remember coming across this site few months ago when Googling for Clannad. It was a KyoAni fansite or something. The stuffs they do there… Lol! Worshipping all KyoAni productions and dishing out the rest. I have nothing agasint them to be honest. Fanboys will be fanboys (or girls.. :p ). I still remember how I thought KyoAni was a person with somewhat unique name when I first started blogging. -.-"

Back to my point, I refuse to know which studios the animes come out from because I’ve read about how some people tend to avoid certain animes once they found out which studios they are from. Probably caused by a bad experience with an anime from the same studio in the past. Or maybe because of anime genre’s they are not fond off.

I’d be caught dead before rejecting an anime when I haven’t even watch a single episode or so. Just because a studio has some bad animes under its belt doesn’t mean that all animes it produced will be forever bad. Same goes for famous or big studios as well. Surely you don’t expect to enjoy every single anime from a particular studio.

Hmm… Yaoi on the other hand is a totally different matter. I really rather be dead. Lol!

Not only that, but the directors, staffs and so many other factors are to be accounted for which makes an anime the way it is.

Now repeat everything I just mentioned above, but this time instead of studios, think seiyuus, directors, artists/outliners/whatever-you-call-em, animators,etc. I do not know a single Japanese staff. -.-“
Underneath all that spam, I'm trying to say as an anime fan, don't reject an anime before you even try it just because it has some staff from your blacklist.

If ignorance is bliss, I am one truly happy man.


*You know you have poor writing skills when you end with 4 paragraphs of introduction and just 2 for your main point. -.-“
**A little off topic, but when you say “guys”, you do actually include the girls right? It just occurred to me that I’ve come across some shows that uses “Morning guys and gals!” instead of just “Morning guys!”.
Where I’m from, when we say guys, we mean everyone as in both guys and gals. Just trying to be polite. :p
I have female readers after all…

Hmm… was it me or did that sound cool. Lol!


Another question. How important is it for an anime to be original? How important is it for an anime to be different and absolutely unique to another? Is it that important that you will NOT watch Rideback because you watched Viper’s Creed? Or vice versa? Or even if you watched one, you will not enjoy the other just because both animes had the same concept, in this case, bike mechs.

So what is the big deal going around reviewers complaining that this anime is a rip off of that anime etc. etc.? Seriously! Just because a newer anime uses the same story or character as an earlier anime does not mean it will perform worst. And how much originality is there left in animes anyway. Every single possible plot has been explored and used. If some guy does manage come up with a totally unique idea. Damn! He should patent it or something!

And before anyone starts pointing fingers, I don't remember which blog it was from. The moment I read that post I guessed that we wouldn't really communicate well and I closed the page. Lol! It isn't any of the blogs I frequent.

Hmm… For all those who didn’t get my point. Lol! I’m just saying Stereotyping is OK. :p


Remember my Arashi and Miwako vector mention? Well..
Tadah! So far so good.. :)

I'm vectoring it off this

If you noticed, that's a clean Arashi with no piercings. Lol! Will do the piercings later...


And also, AGAIN! I'm not going to be posting for a while. But will still lurk so watch out for sudden spam in your blogs or rather, I.S.S.S. for Glo!
Want to finish off a PC game I've put aside since last year. The Witcher. Pretty good game. :)


That's all the Spam I have for today. Enjoy!

“I have female readers…”
- blur@Anime3R :p


  1. lol, i want to sound cool and say that I have female readers too but then I kinda remember that I have a vagina and a decent set of oppai XD

    I do know the production studios of the anime that I'd seen. Sometimes I made a point of knowing the directors as well. This is because I've seen some quality stuff from them and expect the next anime they produced to have that same kind of quality. Having said that, I am not rejecting any anime produced by any particular production studio just because I've bad experience with their anime once. For example, I still enjoy Shangri-La a lot despite that the same production studio produced Blassreiter that I think rather sucks dick.

    As for originality, to have that in an anime usually turn out to be a blessing but it is not a necessity. I still enjoy the shounen animes even though they kinda have (almost)the same story line planned out.

    The only anime that I usually avoid and be judgmental are the ecchi anime. Most of the time they are just stupid mindless shit.

    btw, yaoi is freaking awesome >D

  2. Oi!!! Don't knock tha Yaoi! K? Gomen... the Yaoigyrl in me suddenly came out! >=D

    I myself have seen some posts regarding the blogger not watching anime from certain studios. I didn't understand that at all. Because I'm the type that takes the first lookie, I view all types of anime --- the good, the bad and the ugly. So I think that it shouldn't really matter. But this is just my opinion though.

    Good Post!

    Keep lurking, so I'll know you're still around. K? ^_^

  3. I never really ever pay attention to studios. I don't really think it matters all that much. Of course, the exception to that is if a studio overlaps with a genre. Some studios tend to make anime all of the same genre, so I might watch something because of its genre, but never because of the studio. I may also choose an anime based on the artist or music composer/ singer, but that's also different from studio.
    But seriously, as you said, it doesn't matter. If a series is good, I will watch it; if it's bad I won't. Like you, I don't care to actively find out which studio produced what.

  4. “I have female readers…”

    My female readers could beat up your female readers.

  5. @Snark
    Lol. Who am I to argue with facts so true... :p

    @klux @Cag @Yi
    Hmm... Kind of forgot that there are Yaoi fans in here! -.-"

    I used to be Pro-Yaoi. Back then, I was still, dare I say it, "innocent". When people mention Yaoi animes, what goes on in my head is Ciel and Sebastian 'Kuroshitsuji', Elizabethe and George 'ParaKiss' the 4 dudes in 'wallflower'. You know... a bit of hugs and kisses, maybe a scene of cut fingers and putting it in the partner's mouth (which seems to be a trend in animes. :p)

    I was thinking "Hey.. That's fine by me. Can't help it if a guy likes a guy"

    Then one day, decided to try a Yaoi anime. Forgot the title of that series but it wasn't that long ago. It has the setting of countries at war in the olden days. The characters were dressed like 'God Save the King' but there wasn't any guns (I think).

    Anyway, started episode 1.

    Wow! Quality animation. Story seem good. I was enjoying it! Then all of a sudden [font size="HUGE AS ELEPHANT"]BAAAMMM!!![/font] the scene changed to show a male P.O.W, getting ass raped by another bigger guy. The male was crying, moaning, groaning. Then... Then... they focused in on the blood from the guys ass.

    HOLY FARKATON! Why?!!!? Why????!?!???

    I was been traumatized. Life has never been the same since then.

  6. typo:
    I 'have' been

    Goh Meh Goh Meh...!

  7. “I have female readers…”

    huhu i like that phrase/statement ^^.. i dont like yaoi... but i can go with yuri ^^ n also i like paradise kiss manga ^^

  8. I'd have to say that I tend to like a lot of J.C. Staff's stuff. I mean, Shakugan no Shana, To Aru Majutsu no Index, A myriad of other Rie Kugimiya anime. J.C. Staff is good.

    But wait? What's that in the shadows? Why it's SHAFT and Akiyuki Shinbo pairing up to rape everyone in the ass with awesome anime titles, including (insert every Akiyuki title here, this reminds me, I have to watch Hidamari Sketch).

    Final decision is a tie between the two.

  9. I feel sorry for you. There are things in life that we are not supposed to see. LMAO

    Your story reminds me of this: http://kluxorious.blogspot.com/2009/10/sensitive-pornograph.html

  10. @razrig
    Lol. Dang you read ALOT of mangas. Klux too I believe. o_0!

    I enjoyed To Aru Majutsu no Index. And I have no idea who Akiyuki is. -.-"

    As already mentioned. Evvvviiiillllll.....!

  11. That example is too extreme of an example. It would turn anyone away from yaoi.
    Just out of curiosity, what was it?

    By the way, the vectoring is looking very clean and nice so far. Can't wait to see the final product. Are you doing Miwako as well?

  12. @Yi
    Sorry. Don't mean to scare off potential Yaoi fans. :p
    Maybe one day, if anyone comes across a good Yaoi anime, let me know so I'll give it a go. Hugs and kisses are ok. But strictly no sex please. Lol...

    Yeap. Will be doing Miwako too. It's the combination of them both which made me really like the image. And Thanks!

  13. good yaoi: Antique Bakery. I swear there are no poke in the butt scenes X)

  14. Lol. If you say so... Anime Added! Doki-Doki-des! :p