Saturday, September 26, 2009

Music: Shadow Skill - Born Legend

Let's listen to a "classic" today.

Shadow Skill was like what? 10 years ago. Until now it's still on my song list. Talk about going strong. Lol!

Born Legend by Kasumi
Opening theme for the Shadow Skill.

And if you check out the first subbed line in the video. Rofl!

Still remember how the open ending gave me a bad aftertaste though. Lol!


  1. Oh, how nostalgic~ I used to watch it on AXN I think. Can't remember the details since it was so long ago. Love the theme songs a lot tho. ^^

  2. The song feels really epic and strong. I like it. ^ ^
    Never watched Shadow Skill though.


    God I fucking love this song! And Elle Ragu is one of my favourite characters ever!

    Funny story actually; when I was in Akihabara earlier this year, one of the stores started playing this song, I nearly cried manly tears of joy.

  4. @Fuji @Snark
    And from that we have revealed that we are an "aged" bunch. Lol!

    Hmm.. It was pretty good when I watched it. But that was yeeeeeears ago. Comparing to today's standards, I'm not confident enough to recommend it to you. Lol!

    But just a brief description. It's abit like Sengoku Basara meets Ragnarok (Tv). Lol!
    Lot's of street fights, big talk (as you get in the music video... invincible fists and all that) and questing. In a fantasy-like setting. Considered pretty GAR. :)

  5. Suddently the opening remind me of Queen's Blade....... only lack of Oppai~~~~

    never watch it before~~~

  6. Lol. *Smacks Razrig's shoulder*
    Oppai Fetish Man!