Saturday, September 26, 2009

Natsu no Arashi

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Gaaawwr…… I know deep down in my gut that Natsu no Arashi is a brilliant anime. The animation is more than satisfactory. Making good use of vivid colors and lively environment. Nice character designs with fluid movements. Although the occasional drop in quality is slightly noticable.

Love the vocals too. Really matches the personality of each character well and expresses vocal emotions so effortlessly. Characters are more than solid. Something you can really get attached to as you watch on.

You have Hajime, a schoolboy who passionately chases after his dream of being a superhero like we all once did and of being Arashi’s man. Spontaneous and confident in everything that he does. He is slightly unique in that he is possessed by a female ghost, which is Arashi. Kind, caring, friendly and slightly clumsy. Arashi died 60 years ago and has been a ghost ever since. Upon finding someone who Arashi can "synch" with, she gains the ability to travel through time. An ability shared by other ghosts. The other characters in the anime are just as interesting as the leads. But I rather no spoil if for those who hasn’t watched this yet. Cause the characters really are Natsu no Arashi’s strongest and best aspect and I want to leave the satisfaction of exploring the characters to you viewers.

But still it will not get a fat-5. The pacing of the anime felt somewhat slow. I’m not talking about episode 1 cause it was a "preview" episode of sort about the future and also gives the viewers a good idea of what to expect from the series. Instead, I’m talking about episode 2 to 8. How these episodes lacked the punch to keep me entertained. Despite having give the characters excellent depth with sufficient scenes of their past and exploring their personalities, it still managed to feel somewhat boring. They should have script a juicier plot in between mid series to give the viewers something to bite on to. Or at least made full use of the depth character had to play a more captivating plot.

If they pushed up Kanako and Yayoi’s story 2 to 3 episodes early. Now that would have been perfect. Unfortunately, having a big gap of excitement in mid series drops this down to a good solid 4-Stars. Still, loved the beautifully laid ending they had in episode 12.

Sneaky little trick here, using silhouettes of the female characters to give what seem like a naked pose to make sure no one could resist skipping the opening theme. I fell for it every single episode. :p

Belly button fetish is oh-so-apparent as a belly button shot appears multiple times every single episode. -.-"

Kenshiro made an "appearance" too. Lol! and so did Takumi and his Ae86

Look ma.. No eyes! Scary stuff... Lol!

The last time I saw a stumpy nose was from Hajime no Ippo.

Episode 13 = Fanservice aaaallll the way

Natsu no Arashi
Rating: 4-Stars
Torrents: Shinji

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