Friday, June 26, 2009

Queen's Blade - Ep 6-12 (End)

And now it’s time to continue where we left off. Remember my previous review about how Queen’s Blade had potential? Forget about that. I still believed that it still had the chance to prove its worth. Up till the point just before episode 9’s Miss “Humongous” Cattleya showed up. By then I knew all hope was pointless. Logic has failed, Gravity has lost.
By episode 11, the anime tries to inject some emotions to the storyline, as Reina and Claudette stirs up some past. But why try now, so late in the point of the anime? I don’t know. But it was way too late. I had already been retard-ified.
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Out of everyone, it is obvious that Tomoe-san should be queen. No one else was smart enough to sit at the side while so everyone else was battling each other. And Tomoe was the only female who actually showed decency being ashamed when clothing was lost. Others were practically running around naked.

However, my favorite character is not Tomoe though. In fact, the character I liked had the least screen time and is also the most interesting character to me and that is Nowa. She actually brought more depth to the anime than the lead character Reina.
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As for some plus points, there were some funny moments which I actually enjoyed in the anime. First was when Nanael angel-san got the wrong goat milk. I laughed a little there. Second was when at the end of the show, they announced Season 2. I laughed a WHOLE lot there. In fact, I’m laughing again now as I think about it while typing this review.

Another plus point, animation was actually very consistent. The artwork for the characters and the coloring was solid. Although average, it wasn’t bad at all. But the battle sequence, urgh! That’s another story. The animations of the battle sequences were already bad enough. They HAD to use repeating scenes! So what do you get? Bad scenes repeating over and over again. Thankfully, most battle end within minutes.

Really can’t help but drop it down to 1-star for a sorry excuse of an ecchi.
Moral of the story: Season 2. HhaHAhaAHhaHA! I’m still gonna try it though. Lol!
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Queen’s Blade
Rating: 1-Star
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  1. Queen's Blade is meant to be a ultimate fan service product in the first place. I din expect it to be an decent anime at all.

  2. Yeap. Guess so. Lol!

    Me and my wishful thinking. :p