Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodnight Kiss

Some friends asked me to join them for Transformers tomorrow night. And I said yes. So that's that. Then being inspired by kodomut, I wondered if I could do any good outdoor shots. Well, actually it's not that I couldn't, it's just whether if I could bring myself to do it. Seeing how I might possibly be stared at and probably even "Hissed". But hey, only one way to find out! So opened my display section (a better word for my closet :p) and looked through whichever wai-fus I have. Lol! It's kinda an easy picking when I only got 5. Kagami Miku it is.

Being the perfect gentleman, obviously I'd ask her if she wanted to go for a movie with me.
Kagami: Urgh... Me?
Me: Yup. I thought we could have a date tomorrow.

Then after thinking a while, she finally said yes.
Kagami: Okie. *blushes*
Me: Cool. Better get an early rest for tonight.

Just as I was about to tuck her to bed. She jumped out and...
Kagami: Muaks. A Goodnight Kiss for you.

Unfortunately, the other 3 wai-fus I had saw that, needless to say they weren't too happy.

More info: figma


  1. "Some friends asked me to join them for Transformers tomorrow night. And I said yes. So that's that."

    just came back from the cinema..the movie...epic

  2. kagami seem fat in cosplay ver.~~~

    get figma miku ^^

    Nice photo ^^ natural lighting? ^^

  3. @animenerdz
    Yeap.. Loads and loads of action.

    Didn't noticed until you mentioned. Now I want Figma Miku!! Lol!

    Yeap. ^^ So happy with these shots. Had to fool around with the exposure settings. Still hoping to improve my photo taking skills.

  4. Don't forget Nendoroid Miku too. :D it is too cute!!

    nice shot u have, what camera you r using? btw, that night did all the "girls" jump to ur bed?

  5. I don't dare to step into the Nendoroid world. Lol! I'm worried once I start I can't stop. Even now I already have too many figures I am wishing for.

    I'm using a Panasonic Lumix Fs7. ALthough I'm really not too fond of it's iA (automatic) settings. ;)

  6. Damm, I knew I missed out adding some blogs to my RSS!

    Anyway, Can I get a kiss too? :3

  7. @kodomut
    Lol. I wouldn't mind. But I'm a little worried your Shana will get jealous. We would't want to tick her off now would we. *secures wai-fus arms*

    Forgot to mention. Luckily, none of them jumped on my bed. Lol! I don't think they are strong enough to open the closet doors. :p