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Queen's Blade - Ep 1-5

Every 4 years, a competition is held to decide who the next Queen shall be. The contestants need only be older than 12 years. They need not be human, intelligent or even of that country. The rules for the tournament are simple. There are none. The winner is decided when the opponent flees or can't move anymore. This event is broadcast through many crystal spheres around the continent. And this tournament is called Queen’s Blade. More info:

So, where do I begin? Lol. Yes, I know this is full-blown ecchi. But I’ll be professional about it and rate it as I do with every anime series. Getting aroused will not affect my ratings, this I promise. So, where was I again? o_0!

Oh my god, episode 1 was a total disaster! I was one click short of dropping this series. The animation was way below average. The action sequence, I’m talking about the fight scenes mind you, was ridiculous! Check out the YouTube video on the bottom part of this post. All I could derive from this episode was that Reina, Elina and Claudette were daughters of a Count and Reina was to succeed his title. Listy is a wanted bandit, and Nanael is one freaking noisy angel. I also learned that you can, apparently, kill she-demons by hugging them so tight that they explode. Again, watch the video below to understand what I’m saying. The only good I found in episode 1 was the ending theme and its music video, showing watercolor styled portraits and paintings. What felt like BGM from a game was actually enjoyable.

But I’m glad I decided not to waste my bandwidth and didn’t delete it after episode 1. Episode 2 actually managed to show some promise. And hope felt like it was hiding around the corner for this series. Animation was heaps better and the characters, though still shallow, actually felt like they could be better developed in later episodes. Tomoe, a Ninja Shrine Maiden, and her companion Shizuka, an x-demonic ninja, were introduced in this episode. Funny thing was, for the first time, a male character had lines and got a role to play in this episode, only to sound gay. There were less fan-service (illusion perhaps?) in this episode and the action sequence was acceptable. As for the ending theme, why-oh-why did they change it? Episode 1’s ending theme was doing fine for me. There was actually some crappy singing in the 2nd ending theme. I think someone has done the impossible; someone actually managed to sound worst than me.

The opening theme reminded me of Shadow Skill. Went well to bring out the mood, but don’t expect fans for the song. Then episode 3 came, and showed me that hope is an illusion. It was another outright crappy episode. Enchidna, a mercenary, was introduced and got into a pit fight with Reina only to take a liking to her. Another excuse for pointless crap.
Episode 4 and 5 was somewhat alright. Barely interesting, but still entertaining to watch. Episode 4 did its goal to help explore Reina and Claudette’s characters and history. And Nanael showed that she was a catalyst for the Queen’s Blade tournament. Instigating fights and having the power to project them through the 50-inch plasma spheres floating in the skies. Episode 5 brought out Menace, a resurrected Queen of the past, and Setra, her scepter, as she tries to gain more slaves through unorthodox manners.
What felt like the worst first episode an anime can have made way for better episodes to come. Perhaps even intentionally. So after 5 episodes where do I stand? I decided to stick with this series as I can’t help but have a feeling that the story might get somewhat interesting, wondering how it will play out as Reina gets stronger.

Queen’s Blade
Rating: 1-Star
Torrents: P-Z Subs

Do check this YouTube video out beforehand to know what to expect from this anime majority of time. MuaHAhaAHAhaHAHaHAH! Still laugh my ass off every time I see that.

Edit: Video taken down by Youtube.
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Queen's Blade Ep6-End

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