Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Step Closer to the Dark Side

I recently got hold of 2 animes, Negima Ala Alba OAD (Original Animation DVD) and Clannad: After Story (a.k.a Clannad: Season 2). Since I didn't watch the original series of both titles. I thought I was just gonna take it casual and wasn't hoping for much. Boy! Was I caught off guard. I watched one episode of Clannad: After Story and found it quite good. Since so, I didn't want to watch it with "half-a-heart". I stopped and kept it one side thinking I'd watch it after I got hold of Clannad season 1.

So next, I went on to check out Negima Ala Alba. Lol! Although a little confusing at one point, as the anime tried to recapse 2 seasons before moving on with the story. But the first minute of watching Ala Alba and I knew this is yet another must watch anime to go on my list.

Next shortie.. Last month or so, I've watched a few episodes of Candy Boy. And yet again, I really enjoyed it. Was already keen on adding it to my collection when it releases here. Then I saw this. Wooo! :p As if I couldn't get more attached to the series.

Today, I was really feeling up for it. So went home in a rush after work. Took a shower, and out I went to the nearest anime source. Came home with these titles. -_-'
I am now Rm232 poorer. Lol!
Oh no... Wait! Forgot to mention I also paid a down payment for the Sakurai Yukino and Sakurai Kanade 1/8 figure above. MuaHHAHahHAHAhahAHAH! I have finally lost all sense of rationality. Another Rm100 gone. What do you think of my first collectible figure? Rather average right?

So tell me, have I moved one step closer to the dark side? :p Of being an otaku that is. Next shopping list! a nice display cabinet for it.

Update 2009-05-15: Rm is the currency for Malaysia by the way. A slightly messed up country lazing around South East Asia. I would comment more but I don't want to get political and end up in jail (like the last few guys who actually did).

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