Friday, May 15, 2009


As usual, my mind was wandering around at work. And again the topic of Moe came to mind. Then I did a little brainstorming, "What was the very first Moe I encountered?" Hmm.. So plonk my brain into the time capsule and off I went. Rewind rewind rewind.

Bing! Bamboo Blade came into mind. Tamaki, Moe? hmm.. Perhaps, perhaps not. But I'm very sure there was Moe way before that. So again, rewind rewind rewind.

Hey, what about Sky Girls. I'm pretty sure few of the characters were Moe. But again, there has got to be an older anime with Moe integrated. Time to Rewind!

Oh wait! Think I got something there. Yeap, definitely, that has to be my first exposure to Moe-ness. Vandread should be pretty much it. I didn't even know what an anime was at that time. Let my mind wonder about it for the rest of my working hours. And still I couldn't come up with anything older. So there, self satisfaction achieved... Lol!
Vandread is my first exposure to Moe.

Then came another thought. Hey, is there sure a thing as male moe. If there is who would be the most Moe I've ever watched. And whichever character it was, it would be My Most Moe Male Character (hence the title). Lol! Damn, I have got to get a better job, something more interesting which prevents my mind from wandering too far.

Anyhow, thinking of Moe Males. Most recent would probably be Yoichi from Asu No Yoichi? No wait, don't think he fits the qualification to be declared Moe.

I know these 2 don't qualify to be Moe too, but Gensomaden Saiyuki and Slam Dunk came to mind. And before I knew it, time to get off work. Woot! Woot! So quickly pluck my brain back from the time capsule and home I went.

In the end, Most Moe Male is definitely obvious. It has got to be any male character from the cartoon Smurfs! Lol! Kings of MoeEeeEEEee. Hey! Stop boo-ing! I was just joking alright! I know it ain't exactly an anime. Give me some time, I'm off work now and my brain has ceased function. Let me ponder on it.

For now, I'm gonna grab dinner then finally enjoy The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Something I've always wanted to watch to see what the hype was about and hope it will do the same for me. Keep an eye out for the review! Although a little too late. Lol!


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