Sunday, May 17, 2009

M.M.M.M.Character Part II

Was at work again today, Duh! And of course, let my mind continue wandering.

First off, I tried to list out the more specific requirements to be termed Moe. Thinking which female anime character would be consider Moe, taking their Moe points and comparing male character to them. Try as I might, the only point I could come up with was being "cute in a slightly innocent way". Guess Moe is something which you really just feel in your heart and not put out into words after all.

So next, I started plucking out male characters from my memory. Immediately Bamboo Blade's chubby guy came to mind (forgot his name.. Lol!). Then Gokusen's Kuma, neh.. Kuma's just fat and chubby, ain't exactly cute. Erm, kid version of Conan perhaps? Myeh... Still doesn't feel right. Now and Then, Here and There came to mind, I remembered he was supposed to be a moe looking boy. But going online and checking out some pics, lol. Memory served me wrong. That anime gave me my very first heartbreak by the way. Very sad and touching story.

Took me a while, but by the end of the day (Saved by the bell! :p) I came up with a pretty clear winner. M.M.M.M Character would be Capeta, when he was still young and just started racing go-karts. Burning with fighting spirit and maintaining a rather cute appearance, he was very addictive and easily makes you feel attached to him. Being able to portray his pride and joy and also the downs of his racing spirit. Check out the pictures below to get a feel of the Moe-ness I mean.

And now that I've checked out some Capeta recapse, I think Monami, Capeta's closest female friend, is actually pretty Moe too right?


  1. Capeta? here (In brazil) capeta it's The demon, Lucifer xD

    i'm fan of anime *-*

  2. Lol.. Pretty ironic isn't it? Calling the demon Moe :p