Thursday, July 23, 2009

I.L.C #001

I recently came across a whole lot of good reads I wanted to share with you guys. But I also realized that it might get messy if I created a post for every link I wanted to share like I did so before.

It also felt wrong when I just randomly dropped the links in unrelated posts like my recent Candy Boy review. Initially I wanted to create yet another widget on the left as a column where I can post and highlight links, but that wouldn't retain records of past links. Giving it a few thoughts at work and


From now on, I'l try compiling a collection of links and when it gets to sufficient for a lengthy post, only then will I post it up. The links can consist of anything, be it a funny post, intellectual read, etc. Basically anything interesting. Chances are you probably have come across those posts if you follow blog directories like or But just in case you miss one :p
Anything good is always worth going through again anyway.
And as an attempt to make it somehow miraculously sound cool, I'm gonna call it Interesting Links Compilation (I.L.C) posts.

So for I.L.C number 1... Here's Take off!

Never take the translated manga you just downloaded for granted! Read on to understand how much work it actually takes.
From Paper to PNG — How scanlations are done (sorta)@Hey, Say, Anime!

How long have you been blogging. Has it ever mattered to you how much your blog's worth is estimated at? Well, actually part 1 of this post@xJAYMANx_toyboxx is not about how much your blog is worth. Instead it's about how the related blogosphere is doing as a whole, at least that's the way I interpret it. Try it out, Credits also goes to Razrig for introducing to me waay back when I first started blogging.

Ever wondered what search tags your site pops up to? Well I did, after looking at
Funny searchings during a break@Ganbatte Forever! which then through the comments led me to Search Post Episode 4: Boobs, Boobs, Boobs!@Eye Sedso. So being all curious now, I logged into Google Webmaster and see what I could dig up for laughs.




Best I got was "Incest"... Pfft! I think I need to get more vulgar in my blog.

Now excuse me while I go change my profile picture from Nagi to RockLee. Time for a mood change! :P

Happy Blogging, fellow readers!
Queen's Blade Boob Rapping Porno
Lol! If you didn't read the links I posted, you probably won't get it.


  1. Thanks for the mention. Just slip some vulgarity into your tags...and voila. =P Also, lolicon de dannychoo...sounds like some fragrance or French delicacy too. xD

  2. No prob. Thanks for the laughs. ;)

    Lol. Now you made me hungry..