Saturday, July 25, 2009

God Knows Scene Recreation Gone Wrong

Woot! Woot! 90% completion for my tiny project. By the end of the pictures, you will probably notice that I no longer stick to the original idea of making an exact copy of the video from the song God Knows anymore. Mainly because I'm lazy. For the last 10%, I'll need to get someone who can write up some nice kanji's for the yellow banner at the background.

Got my curtains done

Double sided tape so Mikuru will sit still instead of falling off the chair like the moe that she is

My workbench, if you can call it that

Really like how you can see Mikuru's feet through the bass of the drum kit. Sweet!

Being in the crowd

Noticing that the side's were a little empty. I thought of putting my other characters from the series in, but I didn't want a guy (Koizumi) there. Was trying to make it an all girls party. So I unplug and switched his head. UUrrggh... Ugly P.O.S. Went with original Koizumi in the end.

A little camera flash action

Fresh figures out of the box. Just opened today for this display.

Three stars of the day

Mini figure collection

Heros of the day. Scissors, tapes and glue

Some stupid videos I made. Just the same thing but with background music. One guess to what that music is. Lol!


  1. Niceeeeeeee. Must've taken some sweat and frustration, ne~

  2. Nothing was more frustrating than trying to get all the figures to stand still without falling.

    When one falls, the vibration causes another to tumble. Lol! So by the time I stood one up, another 1~2 fell.. It was like a never ending cycle for a few minutes.

    Thankfully. Found their sweet spot and so far so good. *crossed fingers*

  3. Very awesome!Did you create that all by yourself? You should work for Max Factory cause I would pay to have a play set like this^^ Awesome job:D

  4. hey dude.. it looks really impressive..keep it up...

  5. @blueplains
    Well.. I think the nicest part of the set was the drums. And I didn't make them. Lol! Bought it at a local flea market. :p

    Thanks man..

  6. i think u need bigger stage ~__~ hmm..

  7. Hahah, that's some sweet shit right there >=D

    Your skills are most impressive!

  8. Thanks Razrig and Snark..

    And yeah.. If I had a bigger stage, I could have put one more character in.. lol!
    Noobie mistake. Stuck everything together before confirming measurements.