Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Candy Boy

Kanade, Yukino and Shizuku are sisters. Sakuya is schoolmate. Kanade loves Yukino. Yukino loves Kanade. Shizuku loves Kanade and Yukino more. Yukino and Kanade loves Shizuku too but less. Sakuya loves Kanade. But no one loves Sakuya.

Yeah... This is Yuri all right and that was basically the plot and the whole storyline of the 7 episodes.
*Off course I did leave a few minor details out so as not to totally spoil your fun*
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Candy Boy sure was flaunting it's graphics. And it had every right to do so. Everything was so uBer beautifully drawn. Every scene felt like something I just had to make a wallpaper out of. The slightly faded background coupled with the soft tone colors were serene.
The first theme, Candy Boy performed by MeiLin, I can love to bits!

Although the storyline doesn't leave much to ponder upon, I still found an unatural fondness towards this short but beautiful series. Heck, if all Yuri's were like this, I've been missing out on a lot for a long long time! And what I love most about this was that there was not a single drop of ecchi. BANZAI!!!

I really tried to minimise the screenshots, but everything was just screaming "post-me"!

Candy Boy
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: SHiN-gx

Slight note of torrents: At time of posting this, high quality versions for ep5 and ep6 have not been released. But when they do, I strongly suggest you get them too!

And also off topic: Check this out at Taikatsu Remedy. Interesting read. Posting it here cause didn't want to spam the blog directories with short posts.


  1. IT"S A YURI anime....... i cant say more... ahh..the yuri level is high in you... ^__^