Monday, July 20, 2009

Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo

In the past, humans developed Artificial Intellegence Colonies (A.I.C) to help them expand to the realms of outer space. Unfortunately, the original A.I.C, called Nerval gained ideas of its own and decided to bring absolute peace and harmony to humankind by keeping them locked in “Box”-es. This led to a great conflict. Humans retaliated and later won the war.

Forward 50 years and we see Akiha, a girl from the high status Shishidou family, going about with her normal everyday school life before circumstances leads her to meeting Leopard, an A.I.C, and some other interesting characters. Meanwhile, Nerval has returned and is hell-bent on continuing what he tried to achieve 50 years ago.

*Akiha instantly learns to pilot a QT-arms. Are we forgetting something here?*

The plot starts rolling at episode 5. Exploring on the Shishidou clan and their mysteries, Kannagi's missing parents, Nerval and the Nervalists. Despite having what felt like a dull start , the pacing from this point on was really to my liking. Steadily more of the plot is revealed as with each passing episode. Nothing felt rushed but new revelations just kept popping up.

The animation is superb! The vast selection of color tones really perked the animation up. Even the dullest moment would feel lively as viewers notice the bright colors. Characters look good and the movements are fluid. Best of all, the animation quality is consistent throughout the series.

What I didn’t like about this series was that it obviously had no idea what a “Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo” was. Throughout the anime, it was just trying to force a role on Akiha as the "Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo". Without properly explaining what that means, what she was suppose to do, etc. Even after finishing the series, all I could interpret from the anime was that the Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo was a chosen one who was suppose to keep Leopard company and shoot his gun :p
But why was Akiha chosen? Couldn’t anyone else just keep Leopard company? Why couldn’t Honoka do it since she was close to Leopard? It wasn’t like Akiha and Leopard were bonding much.

*Doesn't take a genius to know what to expect from all the sponsor logo's showing up in the anime*

Been a while since I hated a theme, but the first opening theme utterly reeks garbage. If you enjoyed the opening from .hack//Roots, then you might like this, but I hate both of them… terribly. The 2nd opening and ending theme were heaps better. Espacio by Ceui, definitely worth checking out. :) It will just keep getting better and better.

Although suddenly popping out with a baseball themed filler which was totally unrelated to the plot, it was still enjoyable (surprisingly). If only they bothered to put in a proper ending to that filler instead of letting it hand like an open ending gone bad. All it needed was a few seconds of scene to give it some sort of closure.

Episode 17 and the retaliation begins! and it was also when it got really exciting as I started churning down episode by episode just not being able to stop despite being sleepy to the point of being brain dead. It gets pretty exciting when the QT-arms get into combat. And has more than enough action for the demanding.

*The Benkei/Tsumugi combi was amusing. Not forgetting the Buu Min twins. Kick ass supporting casts. Solid and contexted*

*Notice the vase with the face? I would be smiling at that angle too :p*

*Just a matter of time before Nendoroids are released*

It is not easy to provide combat scenes that are able to keep viewers on the edge of their seat yet give them a good laugh at the same time. But Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo does just that, being one of this title’s more unique points.
Despite having an average start, it did build up to a good anime as the last half of the series proves that it was indeed able to deliver, providing good action combined with sufficient comedy and drama. Integrating all these three factors so well.

Sora Wo Kakeru Shouko
Rating: 4-Stars
Torrents: AnimeSuki

Off topic: Unknowingly, I have reverted back to my old review style. Lol! Guess I'm stuck with it. :p


  1. I really did enjoy Sora Kake Girl (or more specifically, Leopard), but the problem was it's utter lack of coherent plot.

    By the end of it, all I knew is that some vague shit has happened and apparently everyone lives happily ever after...or something.

  2. lol..
    Lucky for me, the plot was more than sufficient. It was simple enough, yet not too predictable.

    I enjoyed Leopard too!.. more than Akiha actually.. -.-"