Sunday, July 19, 2009

Freeing Nagi from the BOx

Yes, I freed Nagi from the confinement of the plastic and paper we call a box. And returned her to the wild. But instead, she decided to stay with me, a humble commoner, and join my legion of wai-fus.

Finally got the figure I've always wanted. Although I never mentioned it here. Lol!
FRREEing Nagi from Kannagi.
I like the simplicity of it. Nothing too fancy. But that's also a downpoint if you look at it another way. The scariest bit is how her pose leans her backwards. Very likely to be a leaner in the future. And to answer some doubts... Yes, Her skirt can be taken off. And No, I won't take a picture of her skirt-less.. not yet anyway. Lol!

Really like the slight brush of red eyeliner above the eyes. Didn't even noticed it until I saw this picture

Crazy Shrine Girl Indeed. :p

Didn't know my parents were into figures too! Lol!

Leaning especially obvious here

The photo's aren't that satisfactory. Was still learning on how to take cloudy shots when my neighbor had some visitors drop by, so I'd call it a day for that photo session. Will try again.

And tempted at Zange too now. But still considering. Also considering the Neko version.
*Looking at empty wallet*


  1. Pretty sweet figure, I rather like the simplicity of the colouring.

    That said though, I'm no fan of DFCs -_-

  2. Nice out door photo u got there ^__^,
    love the 1st pic ^^

  3. @Snark
    Erm.. what does DFC stands for? :p

    Thanks. :)