Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sengoku Basara

In feudal Japan, states are in war with each other over control of lands, trying to unify Japan under their own flag. That is until a ruthless leader, Oda Nobunaga, gets so powerful that the states can no longer act independently. Instead they form an alliance and together they try to topple the evil warlord. Among the alliance are generals Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune who, among others, works together to take down Oda.
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Now this is what I call entertainment! The story is direct and simple. No brain power is needed to process any complicated plots. There are minimal twists in the story which just naturally leads to one another. In fact, Sengoku Basara is so blatant about their transparency they practically tell you what is going to happen next episode. And that still doesn’t kill the fun one single bit.

This is the break I have been waiting for which stands strictly apart from all the animes overcrowded by female characters, harem, moe and others alike. And that makes Sengoku Basara feel freaking Epic!

Swing a blade, Kill a thousand

The crazy animation manages to stand further out among others even after I just reviewed Candy Boy and Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo. Epic fight scenes! Using only the most fluid movements and the most stylish poses screaming “Cover-Shot” all over.

Every now and then, a different style of animation pops out especially during battles making it inconsistent, though every style still manages to oozes testosterone. The constant battle of balls going on between every character just makes it ever more crazy, in a kick-arse way.

Try as you might, you won’t deter me from Basara-fandom.

Sadist till the last breath. I salute you!

The opening theme, JAP by Abingdon Boys School, works too Effing well. Listening to the opening theme and I’m already pumped up thinking of what savory treats await my eyes and my adrenal gland* as it begins working overtime to produce adrenalin for the course of the episode. The well blended fast beats, catchy tune and minor dance “choreography” as the background visual... Did I say Epic? Yeah, indeed it is.

Kenshin turns out to be my favorite character. Now before you start calling me gay or whatever, I’ve always strived to be a gentleman (something personal) and Kenshin was Epic-ly gentle. Dare disagree? :p
Not to mention being able to give orgasms through power of words and whisper just come as a plus. Lol!

I was looking forward to archer boy getting cut down one way or another in the end... Pfftt!

Season 2, best news of the month!

Not that I need to tell you this again (I just want to) but Sengoku Basara is freaking Epic! You need to watch this now or Shingen’s going to come smack your face silly.

Sengoku Basara
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: Baka-Updates

* Yes, I had to google to find out about adrenalin. Lol!

@razrig: GAR indeed. Lol!


  1. Manliest and gayest show ever.

  2. Indeed... Still remember your epic review. Lol! Can't get it out of my head!

  3. i havent watch it.. but as u say blur~~ GARR and now i add Gays, GARR & GAYS dont match hahahaha..

  4. Better watch it fast before Singen comes biatch-slapping around town looking for you. Lol!

  5. There's so much "POWER" in this anime LOL. Feels very "EPIC" in each fighting scenes, far greater explosions then "DragonBall'...LOL. Everything is over the top, much like the game itself.

  6. And that's what makes it so kick ass! :p

  7. Kenshin is the best character on the Game and Anime hands down!