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Miyanaga Saki is a first year high school girl whose family would get angry if she won the family mahjong games. But losing would also have its consequences. Because of this she develops a new way of playing that allows her to stay on the thin line between winning and losing, the +/- zero score, an almost impossible score. In a game that relies mainly on luck, the +/- zero score is harder than winning, but Saki can achieve this every time. Having always hated the game, her friend from middle school, Suga Kyotoro, forces her to play in the schools mahjong club. Her developed skill and superhuman luck has made her a worthy mahjong opponent, even to the middle schools national mahjong champion.

Throughout the course of the anime, I have learned about Majong, Mahjong, Mahjong. And Boobs. And Penguin. Deciding to share what I've learned, here is a brief summary.

Mahjong is a game played by 4 people. Ideally 4 high school girls.

If situation calls, you can have 1 male player in the game. But that game would suck. Unless you were that male character.

To begin playing Mahjong, players first roll 2D6'es using what seems like the coolest Mahjong table ever.

After that, players will randomly pick up 4 tiles, without regards to the dice roll whatsoever (since they didn't bother explaining it in the anime). Apparently, the dice rolling thing is just for fancy... and maybe Yahtzee.

Then each player take turns and goes around grabbing any tiles they want, followed by discarding another one from their hand (since they didn't bother explaning it in the anime).

Mahjong is apparently a very easy game, seeing how everyone always have good tiles. And is only missing 1 tile to win the game 99% of the time. Players should always wear protective gloves when man-handling the tiles. As Saki has shown, the tiles will often form lightning, fire, flood and ice.

Or, you can do it the cool way. And practice exposing your fingers to the above mentioned elements. That way, when you do draw a winning tile and it lights up with flames, you'd still be able to hold it hard before slamming it down on the Mahjong table. I'm not sure how they do that though (since they didn't bother explaining it in the anime). But when you do it, you'd be so pimping.

Oh shit! She's PimP!

Keep repeating the draw and discard stop above until you form something presentable and then say "Tsumo" or "Ron". You will then have won. The amount you have won would be according to the opponents reaction to your tiles. If they are amazed, you will be given more points. If not, measly sum then. I guess... (since they didn't bother explaining it in the anime).

And there you have it, a beginners guide to Mahjong in animes. A simple, fun and entertaining game for you and your family. Definitely a good game for promoting family loving.

If you don't know by now, the above IS NOT a proper way to play Mahjong. It's not even a proper guide. Initially it would have been a 5-Star, I had lots of fun watching this shit. But I decided to drop it a notch, and (since they didn't bother explaining it in the anime) I decided not to explain why either. Lol! Get it?

Favorite Character obviously get's big screen-time!

Winning Mahjong feels soOOooOooo good.

Rating: 4-Stars
Torrents: Underwater
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*Seriously though I used to play a little Mahjong IRL. I'd often lose... money... big time. Hence "used to".

I couldn't find a good ending theme video, so I hope you guys can settle with this. LMAO!!!

Oh wait... I'm supposed to have learned something about penguins.

I just did. ;)

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  1. Nodoka get's big screen-time too! Lol