Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anime3R reaches 1 year old...

Yeap... Anime3R reaches 1 year old upon midnight. Made a crappy little video to commemorate.
Don't know what's wrong with the audio but what the heck. :p

If you can view the words in this video. Click on it, go to youtube and select High Quality (HQ). Should help. ;)

Something I'd like to mention. I made this video in August/September so there were somethings which were not included in. Shitstorms like the Otaku Elimination Game. And blogger mentions like Phossil, Canime, FaS and NingYo. Since I met you guys after making this vid. :)

Now the "bad" news is. This also marks the last post in Anime3R.For sure! Fickle-minded fool, I am.
CidEvil, B-mecha, Phossil, and others. Do drop by NaNeee?! instead at Lol!

Started out Anime3R with the intention of anime blogging and improving my vocabulary. I do believe my vocabulary has improved. Through the course of anime blogging I've expended my control of english and have also learned words like Moe, Trolls, loli, Oppai and DannyChoo. LOL! Words indeed.

When I first started out, I did lack confidence as zzeroparticle mentioned when I drafted a review for his blog.
Well, 1 year has past and now hold my chest up high when someone mentions anime blogging. I know I'm heaps away. But hey! at least now I'm confident. Lol!

Hmm.. What else can I say? Well, simply just want to thank everyone again. But it's not over yet, for me anyway. Lol! I hope everyone enjoyed their stay. And at least had one good read. :)

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Seeing how many blogs does this, here are my sorry-ass-excuse for bragging rights.


  1. last post? I is said. I really like Anime3r. Not that I don't like Naneeeee?!! but this one feels more intimate for whatever reason.

    having said that 3000++ page loads in one month is quite a feat. I don't think I'll be able to catch up to that.

  2. Gratz on the landmark. Shame that this is the first and last new post I'll read here...
    lol, having those as the highlights of 2009 don't really fill me with the fondest of memories >.<

    Confidence is probably one of the best things one can gain in writing. confidence can make even incorrect points seem right. I could probably use a bit more of it.

    Yes, I'll be hanging around over at NaNeee?!. But how many spectacular things have I missed here, lol? you're not doing something silly like categorizing your materials between two blogs like me, are you ^^;?

  3. Congratz on blog anniversary!!
    Consider adding my link in your blogroll. :)

  4. @klux
    Awww shucks. After reading your comment I actually feel a little sad too. -.-"
    I'll try to make NaNeee?! as cozy as here. But first impressions last forever. Xp

    Sure it's 3000 page loads, but 2900's probably my own hits. Lol!

    It was meant to be a sarcastic lol'ing vid. To recap the WTF? moments of 2009. I thought it was a good idea to end the year and celebrate 1 year old at the same time. When I was making this video a few months back it didn't occur to me I'd be switching blogs down the road. Lol!

    Neh.. I'd like to maintain 1 blog. Blogging time has been taking over my anime watching time. Thats a no-no!

    Thanks man! Erm... Anime3R's blogroll or NaNeee?! Lol. Ah well, I'll do both.

    Hmm... Maybe I'll just link everyone up while I'm at it. Lol!

    @janime at the Shoutbox on the left
    Lol. Did you read the post on the front page? I did say Anime3R is coming to a halt. Maybe if you request a link exchange in NaNeee?! instead? -.-"

  5. congratulations man on your 1 yr anniversary

  6. dont stop this blog man.. your followers like me will be disappointed..

  7. I feel kind of sad that this will be the last post. :(
    I've definitely grown very attached to this blog, but Naneee will still be around. I will definitely continue to visit Naneee.

    Congratulations on 1 year.

  8. Luckly.. ur not gay... lol ^^ Congrat ^^ sorry 2 day late ^^.. u even have video!!!!! wow

  9. Lol. Thanks guys!!

    I know that you know that I know you follow just to see cosplay photos. Or beautiful cosplay ladies. RIght?? AM I right??! :p

    Always supportive as usual. *bows of gratitude*
    You are the RoXXors. Lol...

    No apologies please. I'm not gay, just uncle. ;p
    Video was just some crap I threw in Windows Movie Maker. Nothing special. Lol!

    To klux and Yi and everyone!
    I will try to make NaNeee?! just as welcoming and spamful as Anime3R was and (with crossed fingers) hope that it will be one step further in improvement. Lol.

  10. CONGRATZ MAN! Looking forward to this Year

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