Saturday, October 17, 2009

Antique Bakery

Antique Bakery, is a small bakery that's run by four handsome man. Tachibana, the owner. Chikage, who was send by Tachibana's family to watch over his childhood friend. Ono the "demonically charming" gay master pastry chef. And Kanda, a former boxer and Ono's apprentice.

Hmm… So, I enjoyed Antique Bakery. Does that imply anything about me?
Great! On to the review!

Antique Bakery really excelled in having a absolute balance of everything.
Two layers of romance, a slice-of-life in between. Topped off with a thin spread of mystery. Three dash of Yaoi’s on the side. Shred some comedy on top for additional flavoring and serve with a warm cup of Earl Grey. A slice of lemon at the side.
So wonderfully tasty!

I Eff-ing love the music theme. Opening, closing and background music. Every single opening and ending, my head would just freaking bop non-stop. Like those bop figures you stick in your car. But of course, my head would be in tune and so smooth that chicks would find me irresistible.
Hmm… I should find a place where all the chicks hang out. Then start bopping my head. That would get me a date for sure.

As a personal preference, I “normally” hate open endings. Those with loose ends, unresolved romance, etc. etc. You get the idea.
Yet despite not having much resolved, the ending came out as strangely fulfilling.
Upon giving it a second thought, I realized that the focus of the anime was not on catching Tachibana’s kidnapper. Instead, it was resolving it as an obstacle. How Tachibana faces it as a past which he might or might not be able to put behind.
Same goes for Eiji, Ono, and Chikage. As they matured both as waiters, patissier and more importantly as people.

I laughed so hard at this scene. Lol!

Again, animation using soft lines with the colors slightly faded. Antique Bakery really wanted viewers to take notice of their cakes as the contrast between them were really big. The color of their cakes would be so rich. Yet everything else were slightly faded throughout the anime.
And it worked, by the way. I found myself munching on snacks every single episode. Lol!
I would get hungry every episode.

I HAVE to comment on one thing though, regardless of how good the anime is. The male kiss scenes, and skin to skin hugs, and sleeping on the same bed freaking flipped the panic button in my head. Which was actually rather funny.
It’s like, the moment any two guys got close, started moving the lips in an awkward way. And I could hear my own panicking self from a mile away


“Skip it Skip it! They are gonna French! God damn it! You are going to be scarred again!!!”


My panic face was much more panickkier!

Antique Bakery
Rating: 4-Stars
Torrents: gg

So, anyone got any other Yaoi’s to recommend? Lol! Again, strictly no lovey dovey scenes. The Jean Baptiste scene, for example, was already too graphic for me. I’d say that my limit would be at about 1 kiss scene every 5 episodes. Anything more and I might faint.


  1. lol I'm glad that you enjoyed this one. What did I tell you, no asses involved, right? heheheh
    I love the OP and ED too! One catchy and the other much slower tune. Heh, I like this one very much indeed XD

  2. This actually looks quite good; will be checking it out.

    Anyway, if you're looking for yaoi, try Loveless. I liked that series. ^ ^

  3. @klux
    Thanks for the recommendation!
    Lol. The kiss and the hug still creeped me out though. -.-"

    *Anime hunting mode POWER up*
    Enter Target: Loveless...


  4. This series was great! xD The Demonic Gay Charm was downright hilarious!

    And if you think the Anime Series was funny, you should see the Korean Movie. Laugh-riot! LOL

  5. @Cag
    Talk about posting at the same time. Lol!
    Erm.. does the movie have male kiss or hugs? :p

  6. Not really! They just made the movie more comical. And it's so funny.

  7. Loveless is quite good indeed. nyan~ :3

  8. @Cag
    Lol. Am looking for it.

    Lol. nyan!? o_0!
    I'm gonna take a pass on loveless. Torrent don't seem to be moving at all. Lack of patience ownz me. -,-"

    Nyum indeed... :p
    Now I'm wondering if Snarks has ever watched any Yaoi's.