Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ceui: Album

Gentle, kind and soft. There three words constantly echoes in my mind as I try to put the beauty that is Ceui’s voice into words. Ceui’s songs are those that might not catch your attention straight away. But will be something you grow to love as you listen on to the album.

When I first listened to Ceui’s album, Glassy Heaven. I was actually a little skeptical. I found myself too focused on her voice alone to enjoy the song as a whole. Which actually resulted in me feeling a little disappointed. Thankfully the second time I listened to the album was on a Sunday and I was going full-throttle, so I cranked up the volume quite a bit.
Wow! It was a whole new album. I already knew Ceui has a great voice. But now also being able to catch the music clearly, I became totally absorbed of the cohesion of both.

The songs in Glassy Heaven can mainly be divided into 3 groups. Each group being able to share different moods with its listeners.

The first group, example being dreamscape (personal fav xp), Towa no Kotoba, Madoromo no Rakuen brings about the feeling of serene like that of sitting in an empty coffeehouse, by the glass window. Sipping a cup of hot coffee. While watching the world outside revolve slowly as time comes to slow down. Light raindrops from the drizzles hits the glass window and slowly flows down the glass.

The second group, with Prelude ~Unmei no Kakera~, Seisen Spectale and Prayer for example, brings about the feeling of a struggle to build up a little tension. Only nearing the ending will it slow it’s pace down, and the tension fades away. Imagine the same as the above scenario, but this time with a storm going on outside. you would turn from feeling peaceful from the light drizzle, to slightly worried as the heavy drops of rain hits the glass.

The 3rd group, just makes you want to go out and walk under the rain with her songs in your ears. Kokoro no Tsubasa, mellow melody.

Noticed anything yet? Yup...
Glassy Heaven really does brings out the impression of a rainfall. Just the matter of how heavy the rain is, depending on the song.

This is by no means a review, it’s more like an impression. Any reader would have noticed that I am absolutely fanboy-ing by now. Which makes this post illegit (Lol.. This word sounds awesome for some reason!).

So instead, I’d like you guys to try out this post, Ceui’s ‘first’ album -Glassy Heaven- Release~ @ He provides a more solid description for Glassy Heaven. And also has songs for readers to sample. Good Stuff!


  1. I downloaded and listened to a bunch of her songs. I think you pretty much summed up why she's awesome very well. Really some very calming music to relax to.

  2. @Yi
    Thanks! I actually tried writing to her on her blog. -.-"
    But it's kinda hard when we don't understand each other. Lol!

  3. Interesting impressions. Personally, "Frozen Tear" is one of my favorite songs in a long while. Probably fits into your 2nd group :)

  4. Thanks!!

    Yeap.. Lol!
    I'd put Frozen Tear into the second group.
    It's like every piano note feels like raindrops hitting against the glass wall.