Monday, August 24, 2009

Taking some shots at Putrayaja

Got a new cam on Saturday night. Thanks to compulsive buying and Wayne, a retarded friend. LoL!

It's a Sony A300. Funny thing is, I've never been a fan of Sony... Well, except for Ps2. But they have the cheaper camera kits to start off your photography. And I needed something CHEAP. :p

Not long after I returned home and turn on the Pc Razrig@Baka-Steam messaged me to see if I wanted to go for a photo shoot or something the following day. Lol !Talk about perfect timing!

So I tagged along, took some photos as he taught me quite alot of stuffs. I also found out that I suck at remembering roads. -.-"

Editing the Raw files of the photos was another part of the fun with photography; as I fiddled around to see what I can squeeze out of it. The toughest part for me during editing was to decide if I wanted to
1) sharpen everything and lose the smoothness of the color or
2) leave it as it is, giving a more natural feel but slightly blur pictures.
In the end, I decided to sharpen everything. And probably will keep doing so until I learn how NOT to take out of focus shots. :p

Feel free to imagine your own captions. I'm all out of brain power. Lol!

Not bad for my first photo session with my new A300 eh... :p
*If you could only see how big my head is now :p*

Nendoroids and Mikuru's were courtesy of Razrig for the photoshoot. I only brought the figmas.


  1. Nice photo ^^. sorry for going home early ~~~ kinda getting tired lolz ~~~ ur photo r better then mine when i 1st used a dslr T__T

  2. I love the bokeh effect in Shana's picture. And why ain't Nagi singing? Where is her mic?

    I have the equipment and shit. I wish I had a friend to go photojourney with. Gah!

  3. Shana, Tsuruya and Miku; pretty sweet collection of figmas

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  5. Thanks guys!

    That's cause you were giving me a good guide. :p

    Too bad we weren't neighbours. Lol!

    I dropped you a mail. ;p

  6. congrats on ur a300 and first photo session! DSLR is good investment for photography lover. hope to see more photos from u :D

    one easy way to avoid out of focus is to use manual focus. this can be tedious but it works. auto focus often focus the foreground...

  7. Hey B-mech... :)

    Yeah. Thinking of being able to experience a broader side of photography was what make me got a DSLR in the end. Initially planned to go with either a Lumix Lx-3 or a G10.

    Some of the other bloggers constantly hinting to me the goodness of a DSLR kind of muddled my thinking too. Lol!

    Focus advise noted. Words of wisdom appreciated! Thanks!

    Happy Blogging.. :)

  8. Very nice photos. And very cute!