Sunday, August 23, 2009

Asura Cryin

So, we have Tomo. Your everyday kid with the exception of having a ghost friend, Misao, But hey... Everyone has a ghost friend once in his or her life right? Lol. Anyway, he just started high school and encounter's a strange senior claiming to be a friend of his elder brother. Tomo is then given a metal suitcase which he later founds out contains an Asura Machina. What is an Asura Machina? That's where you have to watch the anime to find out.
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The nicely animated mech battles made sure that Asura Cryin didn’t drop from being borderline entertaining. Where there weren’t any mechs, there was moe. Thankfully, there are numerous battles scenes throughout the first series, strategically gapped between episodes to make sure the moe didn’t suffocate its viewers. Despite having nothing we haven't heard/seen of, the blend of Demons and Mechs manages to feel fresh.

Asura Cryin gives off the feeling that it's trying to avoid being labeled harem, which to me succeeded. And instead, tries to woo viewers with scenes of nice mech battles. I would comment about the characters too but the only characters I remember are Misao and Shuri.

If there were any truth behind love at first sight, it probably happened when I first saw Misao. She is like a perfect balance between Tsundere and Moe. Lol!

The new definition of Cool. Chick with lots of guns.

And Shuri... Well she just kicks azz... Hard! Could probably be worthy of Snark's bride. -.-"

Pretty much cruised through the first 10 episodes without anything interesting worthy of mentioning or blogging about other than the battles. It was the last 2 episodes which at least felt like it tried to pull a stunner. It felt so as it added the much needed touch of drama to the series. And with it also comes the feeling that I didn’t sit through 10 episodes of moderation for nothing.

Although doubting why an anime of Asura Cryin's caliber needed a 2nd season, I will still watch season 2. If the cards are played right, like it did so in the last 2 episodes of season 1, it will definitely be able to crank out an anime which could cause some "huh-hah" around the blogosphere. And frankly, I enjoyed both the mechs and the moes.

Ahh.. The perks of being a spectral apparition meaning you can pop up from a boiling pot. -.-"

Must have took a while to remember how to spell your name

It seems to be fate I cannot escape. Yet another anime with uniforms and tentacles... Like the last 2 animes I reviewed. -.-"

Moe at the wrong place at the wrong time. This screenshot happened right smack in the middle of an exciting adrenalin inducing combat scene. WTF?!

Love at first sight... -.-" OmG! I NEED TO GET OUT MORE!

Asura Cryin
Rating: 4-Stars
Torrents: Chihiro


  1. Shuri? She's pretty cool ya, but she didn't pilot a giant robot, which hurts her eligibility. Also, I'm pretty sure she's under 18.

    Anyway, I never really got into Asura Cryin, it felt more like a pastiche of random anime tropes thrown together, with the end product being lesser then the sum of its parts -_-

  2. "it felt more like a pastiche of random anime tropes thrown together"
    It does...
    Worry about my taste in animes sometimes.. -.-"

    Awww.. Shuri got shot down. Looking forward to coin you another eligible bride. :p