Friday, August 28, 2009

3 days is NOT a mini-hiatus ;P

It's Friday Night!
SSuuuuuuu... FFFuuuhhh... The sweet smell of the weekend has yet again come to me as I embrace it gently with my rugged yet welcoming hands.

Gonna be away again for the 3 days. Just a little trip with some friends elsewhere to celebrate Malaysia's independence day.

But before I go off for the weekend, here is a large sized doujin “Mai” for Snark. Do “whatever” you want with it. :p I didn’t even leave a watermark there in fear of you thinking of me if you ever whank to this Mai.

And klu[x]. Goh Meh on the fanart! It’s not done yet. But here is what I got so far. Wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I am totally lost about the background though. -.-"
Am currently thinking, a row of ninjas/underlings. But damn! That’s going to be a lot of work. Lol!

Also, do spend some of your bandwidth and time to drop by on my guest post at CaG’s Thanks in advance!

One thing I’d like to ask everyone, would you guys think little of me if I were to put the blogroll in a secondary page?
I’ve been thinking about, and probably will, putting up a shoutbox again. So to play around with the page load time, I’ll be hiding the blogroll and probably the archive too. To cover for the shoutbox’s bandwidth. Also depending on whether I will be getting satisfactory incentive from the ad thingie, I will be dropping it too. Since that sucks up most of the load time. Lol!
Initially thought of reducing the number of my front page post to 1. But thinking over it, that's suicidal. Lol!

Has anyone of you EVER used the archive drop-down link in my left column? Lol…

Thanks for your feedback.


  1. Hmm, Mai is half naked, and if memory serves me right, over 18. I approve.

    And no, I don't think I've ever touched the drop down archive thing

  2. Mai has a really big hand O_O

    and cat lady fanart? you are good ~nyaaa =3
    I'm gonna make a habit of asking you for bleach fanart from now on so no worries about the background XP
    I did a few myself but only of Rukia ^___^

    and like Snark, I never used your dropped down menu.

  3. That's a pretty fanart. I look forward to seeing it completed.