Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

I'm back! Was back since Monday night actually, but loads of sunburn convinced me I needed to lie on the bed with minimal movement while I shed skin. Lol.

Feeling that Figma's Kagami "Miku" never got enough love for a while now, I decided to bring her along for the trip. Initially I thought of bringing Revoltech's Patlabor Alfonso along, and the idea of Figma's Koizumi scheel uniform crossed my head too, but both would feel a little out-of-place. So in the end, decided to stick with Kagami.

Ahhh... Mabishi

Doing the Hula dance around the island

Remember to wear your life jacket!

Wasn't too happy with this pose I guess

A days work for a figure. Not as easy as it seems. :)

Anyone noticed a problem with my pictures yet?
All the backgrounds are blurred. I know that I should increase the Aperture to take an overall clear pic. But seems like I need a tripod for that as all my photo's come out all blurry. Lol.

Feel free to drop by my personal blog@Blur's Crib for more "personal" pictures of the trip. But a pre-warning, lots of topless shots of me and some other blokes. It is NOT a pretty sight. -.-"


  1. kagamimiku seem to be having a lot of fun in the beach ^^ huhu.. where's the sunset shoot? huhuhu

  2. hahahahahahah those pics were great! LOL Love the one buried in the sand. Priceless! XD

    Glad you had a good time! ^_^

  3. I called the blurred background as bokeh :P

  4. Welcome back! Shame about the sunburn though, that must have sucked.

  5. @razrig
    No sunset or sunrise shots. -.-"
    Ironically, the sun rises on the left of the beach and sets at the right of the beach (or vice versa) which were both blocked by high ground.

    Thanks for the compliments.. Makes it worth it getting the look while taking pictures as I pose her around the beach after all. :p

    Actually does bokeh stands for something? Or is it an actual word? Lol! Sounds broken. :p

    I wasn't trying to take bokeh shots actually. Was trying to get a clear shot of everything. Hahaha.

    Thanks. Yeap, sunburn sucks ESPECIALLY when I try to put on and take off clothes. The friction between skin and shirt is ultimate torture!

    But have shed most of the skin off by now. Well on the road to recovery, with brand new spanking skin to boot! Woot! Woot! Lol!

  6. Nice photos. It's a nice setting for Miku too. The ocean and tree scene match her hair.

  7. Thanks Yi... :)

    Yeap. Loved the color match. Although I think it was a little too much. Tried to add more variety to the photos. But the only thing there was a beach, the sea and trees.
    Lol... -.-"