Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica crimson S

Polyphonica tells the story of Phoron, your usual hikkimori. When Phoron was a just a little child, he met a high level Spirit. "Will you be mine? Will you sing only for me?" was what she said before she dissappears into the night. He has never forgotten about her ever since. 12 years later, he meets her again. And the story goes on. More info:

Crimson S really sets off with a good start; settings slowly gain form while characters build depth. By the third episode, I was already familiar with the world of Crimson S. Who the Dantists were, how the spirit-human relationship worked, how the school grading worked, etc. Yet nothing felt rushed at all. Hence, Crimson S settled the task of building the settings and got to focus on what it was suppose to do instead.

Midway through, I already knew that there will be a shallow and quick plot when it came down in the end. Half the series down and there was still no solid development for the terrorists or their goals. Throughout the series, the atmosphere was just too enjoyable and carefree, not giving the terrorists plot a chance to make any impact on the story. So it wouldn’t be hard to expect the ending plot to be as straight forward as it gets. Invade enemy HQ, fight, win, go home.

What I really like about this series is that Crimson S knew what it wanted to do and focused on it. And the focus was definitely on the romance between Corti and Phoron. The fight scenes were kept short and simple while more time was spent on Phoron and Corti’s relation as their romance bloom.

Animation is dismissible, joining the mass of other average animes, with the exception of using lots of flash effects. Watching the flashes as fireballs, lightning bolts, flames, etc. get thrown at each other. It did made good use of lightning (example of using the lighted Spirit wings, or the spirit themselves) to bring a "glow" to dark scenes, especially obvious during the night scenes.

Yeah sure, nothing beats good old political rivalry injected into the story. Only if you actually play it out!

Oh no! Another anime which has transformation scenes! zzZZz! This makes the transformation in Kurokami looks like a masterpiece. I know I can just post up 2 pictures and you would understand what I meant, but I wanted you to suffer as I did. Lol!

***Warning, Spoilers below. Highlight to read***
There is this one part where the script is messed up so freaking bad. Renbart told Phoron that Corti is in the lowest foor. Then Phoron starts running to her. Next, Phoron meets Leica and Eufinley in a battle. Cut!
Next scene Renbart throws a bomb to the hawk-on-steroids. The bomb explodes and it sends the sword hawk was wielding up towards the ceiling. The sword then pierces through the ceiling and stabs Leica bottom up. Huh?! What multi-level dimensional world were we at again?

Yes, even in death Leica couldn’t help but laughed at the messed up script
***Spoilers end***
Thanks to Snark for pointing it out about keeping the spoilers hidden.

Similar to the chain of evolution of mankind, spirits, apparently, also starts out as a small round object. But instead of tails, they have wings. Pfft! So much cooler! :p

By the time I finished Crimson S, the only expression I had was “Huh… Oh Ok!” before chucking it aside knowing I will never touch this anime again. Crimson S is a 3-star through and through, it does not strive to achieve nor does it allow any disappointment. Nothing worth watching for a second time.

Ahh.. Nothing makes me feel more secured than knowing all 4 weapons of mass destruction are kept neatly together waiting for the next crazy Dantist to fish it up

Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica crimson S
Rating: 3-Stars
Torrents: imuR88 & Nekomimi


  1. Good to see the return of a longer reviewing format; I think it suits you better >=D

    However, you might want to be careful of spoilers. Presumably people who want to read reviews are the people who haven't seen a show.

  2. Lol! Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I actually do feel more comfortable with it.

    Will put up a spoiler warning. Just couldn't resist that blooper. -.-"