Friday, July 17, 2009

Project God Knows - minor update

Woot! I got me a drum kit for my mini project!

Unfortunately.. It's too big. Lol! With a little ignorance, I could "pretend" it's the right size. :p
I've also decided not to include figma Tsuruya as the drummer or basist and instead, just let Fraulein Asahina be the drummer. Why? Cause my d.i.y. stage only fits 3 figures. -.-"

Meanwhile here are some other shots. Always had these shots lying around at my desktop waiting for the right time to post. So I'll just dump it here and clear off my backlogs. :p

And Yes, I did focus on Yuki more. Lol!
But I just love Haruhi's fine details at the stockings so freaking damn crazy much.

Was actually trying to get the effect of the shot below from Razrig. But to no avail. LoL!


  1. this one quite nice

    try moving the background a bit far away.. it seem that it refected ur flash..

    mikuru have really nice drum ^^

  2. yea the drum set is so nice!

    to achive the effect, avoid flash, use natural light source like sunlight from 45 degree angle of the figurines. use small number appreature like 2.0 to 3.

    or you can use table lamp, and put tracing paper to dissolve the lights, so you can have similar light effect. get closer to your figure will help too :)

  3. Thanks guys.. :p

    Will try all suggestions on next photo shoot. Actually planning to buy a white bulb to fix to my table lamp (currently yellow).
    Just have to get off my lazy butt to do it.

    What you say appreature, can I assume it's the same as exposure? That's the only setting I got on my cam. -.-"