Sunday, July 12, 2009

Daicon Invasion

A celebration of Japanese Modern Visual CUlture.
11~12 July 2009
The Grand Hall @ Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

Phew! Getting there was a little tricky. Made 2 illegal u-turns before finally finding that place. Bad signboard positioning along the road didn't help either. I wonder if the Signboard people actually bothered to check in the first place? Anyway...

This being my first ever anime convention, I was expecting to go home at the end of the day with a whole lot of loot. I was planning to buy Imported Anime Magazines, Figures, and a big banner if I came across one I liked. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything I wanted.

This event definitely needed more vendors. I finished seeing everything in the hall in under 15 minutes. Thankfully the entrance was free, so that kept me calm and cool. But not for long. As the maid cosplayers walked around the hall, I found it pretty hard to concentrate on anything else. Lol!

There wasn't enough drink stalls there definitely, as a vendor/sponsor arrived late in the afternoon, about the time I was leaving -.-" The queue got pretty long at one point and I had to wait for 20 mins or so just to get a drink.

But those were just minor rantings. At the end of the day, I had ALOT of fun. It was something of a mini trip for me, being able to take a short drive with friends and hang out with them. As I tested them on guessing which songs came from which anime along the way. :p
*Bleach*cough*Naruto*Cough*Mars Daybreak*

There were 2 main highlights for me at Daicon. And will be the reason why I am looking forward to attending any future conventions of similar interest.

1st of, most obviously, would be the cosplayers. *Salutes*
I had no idea cosplaying in Malaysia has reached such a high level. The only image of cosplaying in my mind which stuck from a few years back was someone wearing a hood and wielding a sword in a casual attire.

But at Daicon, Wow! Fully costumed Mio (K-on), Himura Kenshin, Kabuto (Naruto), Neil (Bleach), Haruhi Suzumiya (Sorry razrig, no Yuki today.. Maybe tomorrow? :p ), and so much more... and a whole lot of maids too ^^". Not forgetting the Gundam head man. :p In fact, now I'm thinking of something simple I can slip into for the next convention. Nothing overly complicated, I'm don't intend to join any cosplay competition, just something like a hat or a cloak which I can just slip on and have fun with for the day. :p Ideas anyone?

2nd would be the karaoke session. Yeah sure, not all the contestants were good. But Hey, got to give them credit for trying right? Love it when they sing the songs I know, which isn't a whole lot. :p Only 2 songs I know that were picked were Black Paper Moon from Soul Eater and Triangle from Macross Frontier.

A little thought to share with you guys for your next convention. FOr me, it's alright to laugh a little if the singing gets terrible, but always send the contestants off with a round of applause. Hey! They took their time and effort to keep YOU entertained. Some dude sitting behind me was so freaking sarcastic "OMG!" "Wow! That's bad!" "You sure you can sing that song?" and all those crap. I turned around and wanted to give him the "stare". But once I found out he was way bigger than me, lol, I turned back. -.-"

Erm, do forgive the low quality videos. My hand was shaking from me being slightly sick and my Lumix Fs-7 ain't exactly meant for videos.

Yet another compilation of bandwidth-sucking videos brought to you from yours truly. :p

Big Thanks to the photographer of the day. And no, you will not be getting any salary

Kodomut would have loved this

My favourite cosplayer of the day. Her costume was perfect (even had red eyes) and she was very friendly. Edit: Thanks to razrig, I found out she is portraying Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji

Dante from Devil May Cry

Sasuke of Naruto Shippudden

A game everyone needs to try at least once

Nice pose!

Aaarrrgggghhh... Not for sale!

Vampire Knight Guilty

The pictures are a little bandwidth heavy, so I'm gonna split them up into 2 posts. But all the karaoke videos will be here except for one. Do check out the next karaoke competitor as "Danny Choo takes over the World". Click here to view the continuation of the report.


  1. Oh wait, were you the one who bought the FF doujin from the booth by the entrance? If yes, sorry for the complication during the time you wanna take pic >.< the booth is shared by 2 groups and the other group (who produced the doujin) went to have lunch at that time :( tho they came back shortly after you left T_T

    and btw, reading ur blog made me had to say that you should bookmark 19th and 20th dec in ur calendar to attend Comic Fiesta 09 at sunway pyramid. It is far by, the convention with the biggest both in variety/amount of booths and official merchandises stuff imo, you would wanna check it out! =D

  2. Lol! Don't think that's me. :)

    I was browsing through it (but then again, I was browsing through everything at all the booths) but I didn't take pics of any FF doujins. Just some Gundams and other random ones.

    19th 20th Dec - Comic Fiesta bookmark... Checked!

    Kanshiashete for the heads up and comments!

  3. Hi, can i get the original video from u? thx...