Monday, July 13, 2009

Moe League plus minor updates

Recently came across this post at Meimi132 which further takes me to the International Saimoe League. Seems like fun! Lol! So gonna give it a try the next moment it opens up for voting. Any anime fan should give this a try! And those into studying Moe will also find the statistics they can derive from here useful.

Also just to give you more text to read and suck up more of your bandwidth. I've decided to incorporate Nuffnang ads... Again! Lol!
I'm hoping that it will somehow miraculously help me with my figure collection. -.-"

Also did a little calendar for own reference. Anyone feels like anything should be added to the calendar like conventions or anime related stuffs feel free to comment on any post. Lol! Ok. Now I feel like adding a shoutbox widget. Hmmm......


  1. Eh, I am no lover of moe.

    Though if they had a SaiGar or something, I'd be all over that.

  2. :) If they had a SaiGar, I'd be pumped too. Sakuragi @ Slam Dunk FTW! Lol.

    Never had a chance to vote on something like this before. Lol! Just giving a Saimoe a try now.