Sunday, July 12, 2009

DannyChoo takes over the World

This post continues from here. <--More pictures and videos in link. Among the contestants taking part in the karaoke contest at Daicon, was this interesting fella. In a trooper suit. Sure! He isn't no Danny Choo. But walking by, he could have fooled anyone right? Lol! Indeed he was among the most cheered contestant of the day.
So would you agree with me now? DannyChoo is indeed taking over the world, culture wise that is... :p

Update: Did some surfing around. Woo.. Cool!
I didn't know there was a
Woot! Woot! Another day, another knowledge. :)
The Trooper was actually Commander Chaos played by Solomon a.k.a. WiseFreeman which I found out from Quazacolt.

And before any haters post anything, yes, He was airing the guitar. And I'm not trying to help a friend get famous or anything, I don't even know who he is. I'm just admiring his otaku spirit. :)

With this post are also rest of the photos from that day. And also I realize a stupid mistake I made, I reeeaaally shouldn't be in the pictures right? Lol! Kind of spoiled the atmosphere of the cosplayers. -.-"

And as the day ends, I can officially say that I now have a fetish for maids! Lol!

Kenshin of Samurai X on the right

A friend was saying this guy reminded him of Zabuza from Naruto very much. I'm guessing someone from Bleach, but my thoughts escape me as of now.

A little something for B-mecha and Snark too

Calling Yukionna

Gundam Headmaster version Lol!

Gundam Model competition

Akatsuki (Sasori?) was trying to sneak a hit from behind while Kabuto was taking picture with me. Lol!

Yui*Kawaiiiii *doki*doki*Mio

Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Club), Minota Arisato (Persona 3), L (Death Note), Mitsukuni Honey Female Version (Ouran High School Host Club)
Thanks to Miss-Suzumiya for the heads up.. :p

WoooOOaaaa! The Maid Cafe was shinning inside out.. o_0!
I didn't enter by the way. Was a little broke. Lol!

I could list down 10 reasons or more and explain with logic why so many pictures of her, But that would be just to hide the fact that she was ubEr-cute!

Mario and Luigi. Love their costumes!

Thanks for reading! :)

Also check out EVEN more pics at the links below


  1. i.. really... wish .. i .. was .. there... T_T..

    me want maid.... T_T
    the dannychoo clone probely wiseman...

  2. Hey bro....thanks for the trip.

    Wheres my RB video ? LOL...thats the pinnacle of DaiCon for the day...hehe.

    You have to pay me next time for being your cameraman

  3. the haruhi in the pictureJuly 12, 2009 at 8:29 PM

    gasp! you named L, but you didn't name the persona3 dude nor the lovely haruhi fujioka and female version of honey senpai.
    but thanks for the photo, been looking everywhere :D

  4. Lol. I'm terribly sorry.
    I didn't know what characters they were portraying as I didn't watch the animes. A failure on my part as a fellow anime fan.

    Actually I really wanted to take a picture with you. Twice! But first time you were eating and I thought it was courteous not to disturb you then.

    Then second time you were talking to a exhibitionist and while waiting I checked out the Rockband game. Next thing I know, you were gone again. :(

    Thank you for the enthusiastic cosplay yesterday. Will keep an eye out for your next appearance. Kam Bah Teh!

  5. Your faces hides multilevels of joy when the maid took the picture with you. ^^

  6. ORLY?!! Lol!
    Yes indeed. :p

    I'm pretty sure you would have the same type of face were you in my shoes. :p

  7. @Mart
    Your RB video will be uploaded to blur's crib. Lol! Will be up by tomorrow. ;p

  8. tia halibel in the pictureJuly 13, 2009 at 1:16 AM

    hey, dude...

    Erm.. can you please at least come over and ask permission to snap pictures because I'm quite uncomfortable to know there's pictures of me cosplaying my characters at random places...

    it's just feel so wrong looking at those kind of pictures.. O____o;;;

  9. Ok. Will drop the pic. Sorry for the intrusion. :)

  10. @Tia
    *Re-opens blogspot as boss walks away* :p

    Don't mind the short reply above. Lol! Boss was walking by and I panicked to post comment without thinking.

    Will keep in mind regarding permissions next time I take a photo. Being my first time there, I guess I kinda got carried away and let my fingers fired more than I should.

    Wanted to ask for a picture when your group was posing for each other by the hallway (towards the carpark) as I was walking to the car. But guess my small guts got the better of me. :(

    Thanks for the cosplay effort you and your friends put into the event. It is things like these which makes me feel these are events which should not be missed by anyone who enjoys animes/manga or like wise.

    Just wondering, any plans on which convention you will be attending next? :p

    *Hmm.. just realized no one was cosplaying Nagi from Kannagi*

  11. excuse me....n soli for the disturb ya....can u plz drop the pictures of neliel,Szayel Apollo, Suzumiya Haruhi n Elizabeth....cuz is kinda bad n to take their photo randomly....n u hav break the rules of taking photos plz drop it....

    THANK YOU...

  12. Ok. Will do that.
    Sorry again for the intrusion.

    *hides in corner feeling ashamed*

  13. blur, u gonna buy me all the 1/45 yamato valkyrie fighters? :D. the person that collect them must be really rich. u successfully temp me XD.

    ouch... MMU cyber... it has been 3 years since i grad. WHY THERE ARE NO ANIME EVENT BACK THEN?? so unfair... i want those shoujo and loli tachi... can i have ultra low angle shots? XD

  14. The Macross figures on display were from the Macross Fans of Msia. I was also interested in them after checking them out.

    Went online and did a little searching. o_0! They cost a bomb! Chickened out before I even started. Lol!

  15. yup the price can freak 90% of the toy collector. it is just toooo overpriced for a plastic model :(.

    daikon seems to be a great even, too bad i cant be there...

  16. Neh. Don't worry about it. Plenty more chance to come! Hahah! You've got a big AFA coming up right?

    Razrig's been asking me if I want to go over there with him to meet up with you and kodomut for it. :p