Friday, May 29, 2009

Clannad: The Movie

Okazaki Tomoya is a student who goes to school only as a force of habit. He continues to be plagued by nightmares of a world with nothing left, where his existence is a mere conciousness. On the way to school one day, he meets a girl called Furukawa Nagisa, who from then on follows him to school every day, unable to climb the stairs by herself. While helping Nagisa to organize the Drama Club, Tomoya slowly starts to open up and actually enjoy his life again. But the dreams he has might be something more than just dreams. Source:
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There goes a saying that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Boy! Am I glad that is not the case here. In no way did it apply between Clannad’s movie and the series. Basically everything is a setup for the final scene, which is slightly touching even if for just a slight moment. Unfortunately, going through the anime to reach the final scene will probably bore you to death and before then, you’d probably stopped paying attention or start skipping. In the end, it will just come up to a conclusion that you don’t understand. It’s a good thing that this movie didn’t rely on overflowing Moe compared to the series. It felt at least like some effort was put in. I enjoyed the voice acting a little but that's about it, unfortunately. The comedy wasn't funny. The storytelling wasn't good. Tomoya's narration did not help. Supporting characters were too shallow. And so many other things which I rather not say. Sum it all up and it just means that this anime is bad.
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The only possible way anyone could have enjoyed this is if they watched the series beforehand. That way, they can roughly get the idea of what’s going on. Otherwise, this movie seems too rushed and too ambitious for a rather bland movie. By the end of the day, all I know was birds, sakuras, Dangos’, more birds, and a kid name Ushio. Even funnier, it did give me a sense of loss as I watched Nagisa’s last scene. Made me feel sad, but what was going through my mind was the series instead of the movie.
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Clannad: The Movie
Rating: 1-Star
Torrents: SS-Eclipse

I was very glad that the movie and the series I loved so much told a different storyline. Thinking of how terrible I would feel if Nagisa’s incident happened in the series. But then again, I haven’t watch Clannad: After Story as time of writing this, so now I’m slightly afraid. Lol!
Also take note that I’m reviewing this one day after I just finished the series. And comparing both of them, it’s like comparing Heaven to Hell!

Last comment before I call it a night, one of the reasons why people here don’t buy anime DVD’s and instead, download fansubs. Is because like the DVD I got, they didn’t bother to subtitle the songs, on screen text – like signboards or newspapers, and had crappy timing. And to think I was suppose to add this to my collection. Pffft… Shitty media companies!

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  1. Ok.. I think I made the biggest mistake I could probably make. I watched Clannad: After Story's OVA's before I watch the series. And there were many sad scenes in the OVA about what happened to Nagisa. Haven't watched the series and I'm already feeling sad. -_-"