Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wasted bandwidth! Grrr!

Looks like I wasted a whole lot of bandwidth last week. But whats more disappointing is that I won't be able to do a review on ToraDora and Kurogane No Linebarrels. Which came highly recommended from other blog reviews. ToraDora was said to be something above other similar scripted animes and Linebarrels was suppose to be able to rival Gundam itself.

I spent the whole last week downloading 4 gig worth of ToraDora only to find out that it was subbed in Tamil language. I tried to find English subs for it but had no luck. Not to brag, but I continued seeding for quite abit even after finding out it was Tamil. Lol!

As for Kurogane No Linebarrels, after downloading for 1 week, I only completed 1 episode. Lol! and I had 19 more episodes to go. So after careful consideration, I decided to forgo this title and move on to my quickly building up torrent list.

Well, what I meant to say is that I am surprised that this 2 series which came highly rated from reviewers actually had not much coverage from fansubbers. Alas, it's time to put it in the past and move on to the new season. We are gonna have a GREAT time reviewing shit loads of new anime now. Lol!

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